Monday, March 14, 2005


Steer Riding, Cowtown Rodeo, March 2005
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You Go, Girl

Here's another shot from the Ft. Worth Rodeo, one I feel rather confident the TGRA people will be pleased with.

That is, just so you know, a woman showing the bucking steer who's boss. We at The Panopticon are all about gender equality.

Yarn Store Review

Knitter's Niche (see yesterday's entry if you give a damn) was worth the visit. The shop isn't large, but I like it.

Yarns run the price gamut from modest to yikes, with nothing too cheap (no Lion Brand, no Red Heart). I found exactly what I wanted for my hat and scarf - four skeins of blue and gray in a wool/acrylic blend. (Yeah, I know. But I don't want to have to handwash them, and 100% wool makes my head itch. Bite me.)

They have a small selection of needles, notions, and patterns, but it was more than enough to satisfy my modest needs.

The notoriously scary owner wasn't in. The lady who waited on me was extremely pleasant. After politely asking if she could help me, she left me alone until I was ready to check out.

The atmosphere was cozy, and the scarf class (you need a class to make a scarf?) going on the back sounded like it was having fun. I'm on the mailing list now. I'll be interested to see what sort of classes they offer, even though I'm usually a learn-it-myself sort of person.

So, I survived. However, Jon, do you think I could get a lesson in walking the yarn shop walk when you're in town for Stitches? Pretty please?

Celebrity Knitting

The nice yarn shop lady and I commiserated over that poncho Martha Stewart was wearing in that photograph - you know the one I mean.

She says people have been clamoring for the pattern. Pattern? Please. It doesn't look like it was knitted, it looks like it was regurgitated. Even for a poncho, it's a washout.

Lo, the power of celebrity to sell anything.

On a related note, the scarf class women were also twittering about Keanu Reeves being spotted with a knitted Love Token from some actress around his neck. They all want the pattern.


My First Three-Way

No, not that kind. I've never knitted anything on double-pointed needles, to that was last night's adventure as I progressed on the London beanie.

It wasn't exactly a barrel of fun at first, but I have to say the phobia some people have about them escapes me. Yes, there is a danger of stitches slipping off. So use point protectors. What's the big deal?

Of course, it's not like I've finished a project with them, so perhaps there's a dreadfully tricky passage awaiting me down the line. You sage masters who might be reading this - anything I should be careful about?


Jon said...

Of course we'll go shopping when I'm in Chitown for Stitches! I look forward to it.

Just make sure you are tightening the first stitch on each needle as you knit it. Otherwise you'll end of up with ladders (little lose spots). You could always float the beginning of your round (floating a marker). Kind of hard to explain via blogs but I would be happy to show you or to talk to you about it on the phone.

I get to take an intarsia class tonight! Whoo hooo!

PS Love the lesbo on the horse. See, lesbos can ride it for all they're worth! LOL

Colleen said...

Franklin, it's like I commented on another blog - Martha could smear dog poo on her face women would be falling all over themselves to find a big steaming pile for themselves.

I hate her.

Absolutely LOVE the pics, by the way. REAL cowboys are so hot.

MarQ1 said...

Sage, I'm not, but I find dpn's more manageable than the circs. You have to move to the dpn's eventually. Of course, I cheat and use point protector method too. I did my hat on 6 in. dpn's and found it more manageable using five needles rather than four, moving to three after a few decrease rounds. I moved to two when I got down to about twenty stitches. I didn't find anything tricky.

Esther said...

The only tip I have for double points is to use nice sturdy ones if you ever knit socks, I bend the bejesus out of my bamboo 0's and 1's.
As for Martha...she is, I believe, the reason Lily Chin was on the Early show this morning. What is the world coming to?

markknitz said...

i used to be afraid of dpns but now I like working with them. i did a pair of gloves on 4 and have cranked out a number of hats on 5. i haven't ever made socks, but I swear by wooden dpn's b/c the stitches don't slip off as easily. am attempting to make a hat right now on dpn's but the yarn in super chunky so i may go back to the circ and just do the crown on dpns.

Sakebottleswing said...

I haven't found dpn's to be that bad. My stitches do come flying off the needles if I toss my work in my bag, but otherwise they're fine. I haven't made socks yet, but for things such as gloves and hats, I prefer bamboo or wood, and the shorter sizes available. I've used my grandmother's old 14 inch plastic dpn's and they're very heavy and ungainly. Shorter needles means you'll have to extract the needle from the already finished knitting less often.

Delayed comment is delayed.

Rachel R. said...

I'm so glad that you finally found a yarn store that you like - and that likes you in return! My grandmother once took me to this fancy little yarn shop in her neighborhood, and the people in there were quite friendly, plus I practically /drooled/ at the thought of a shop meant just for knitters/crocheters. Their prices? Highway robbery at it's worst. Their selection wasn't all that and a bag of chips, either.

I'll admit it - my mind went straight to the gutter at that Three-Way thing. All the same, it made me laugh out loud, gaining quite a few strange looks from my parents.

Personally, I adore dpn's. I've made three drop-dead gorgeous Victorian style gloves (still working on the fourth) and my first real sock, the latter completed just the day before yesterday. It took me a full three months of gazing longingly at them in the store to buy them, another three to dare try them out, and at least one whole month before I got the hang of them. It never occured to me to try the whole point-protector thing...

... then again, up until recently I was also using bent up safety pins as markers. Ah well, baby steps...

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