Monday, March 28, 2005

Fleur de ma vie

Tulip, Garfield Park Conservatory Flower Show, 2005
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It's spring, it's spring, and soon color will be back in the landscape and the earth will wake up, and with it, my eyes.

This tulip is blooming indoors. But it won't be long before the outdoors catch up. At least, I hope not.

Of course, leave it to me to spend time photographing tulips in Chicago a week before I go to Holland.

The Portfolio Case

Ethelbert and the Portfolio Case

The exterior is finished, and here it is. To give an idea of scale, the prints next to it are 8 x 10s. The bear (his name's Aethelbert) usually goes to Europe with me and considers himself part of the artistic process, so he insisted on being in the shot.


Colleen said...

Is Aethelbert a Steiff?

leah said...

I adore exotic tulips. I'd pay money for a print of that photo. Lovely.

I want to fondle your portfolio case.

markknitz said...

that portfolio case is beautiful! is it heavy, though? it really is lovely.

Rachel said...

What colleen asked! (since I was only going to ask the same thing :)

The case looks wonderful! Just really remarkable.

Franklin said...

Thanks, y'all - I'm pretty pleased with the case, too. It's made of very light wood (the top and bottom panels are veneer, the rest is pine) so it's feather-light.

Aethelbert's not a Steiff - he was made by an artist, whose name I unfortunately don't recall, in the north of England. I picked him up there when I was on my first university tour. The story's kind of fun. I think I'll make an entry out of it.

Colleen said...

Ahh, well - he has a rather aristocratic, "Steiffish" look about him. Much more attractive than the average bear.

MarQ1 said...

I love the case. Very good. said...

This won't have effect in fact, that's exactly what I believe.