Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wax On, Wax Off

Folk Dance Troupe, Budapest, 2003
Originally uploaded by panopticon.

My portfolio case lies on the dinner table, stripped, splayed open, stained and wet. Next comes...the wax.

Never a dull moment around here.

While it's drying, I've been working on another print for the Danube set. Kids, as you can see. I don't only photograph old ladies, you know. Oh, no. I'm happy to train my lens on anybody I'm sure I can outrun, if necessary.

Don't know if this is going to make the cut, but I have to play with it and live with it a little before I can decide.

On iTunes: "Wayfaring Stranger," Herdman, Hills, and Mangsen.


leah said...

Your work is breathtaking. Photography is one of my favorite forms of art... now if only I were any good ;)

markknitz said...

i'm with leah. your stuff is really great. thanks for your kind words. i think i'll make it thru today ok. and i'm lovin' the flames. it went surprisingly quickly. i highly recommend. you are great to be so painstaking w/ how your posts are taken. just don't let that inhibit you. it's YOUR blog, man. said...

It can't work in reality, that is exactly what I suppose.