Friday, March 04, 2005

Greetings from the Republic of Texas

As usual, the reality of the travel situation was not nearly so bad as I anticipated.

I came to an agreement with my beloved friend and charming host, John that I would have five minutes to change and primp before the party, so I didn't have to worry about mussing travel clothes.

Indulged myself in one of my favorite things, a boot shine, at the airport. Listen, if you are going through the United terminal at O'Hare and your boots or shoes are scuffed, go to the shoe repair shop and ask for Ned. The man is an artist. 50+ years of experience. My boots were so shiny they reflected right up my jeans. I wish I'd remembered to wear underwear.

The party was a scream. People here are so friendly (at least on the surface) that I find it genuinely alarming for about the first 3 hours. When you live in Chicago, you don't often encounter strangers who rush up and say "Hello!" with a big smile unless they're either insane or soliciting for an organization that chants a lot.

Once I get used to it, though, I like it. At least seven people to whom I was introduced said, "We're so happy to have you here." And they said it convincingly.

The party itself was beautifully set up, with the most gorgeous floral arrangements I have ever seen. Masses - I mean masses of roses with yellow freesia and cymbidium orchids. And wonderful subdued lighting that made everybody look 20 years younger.

Of course, the majority of the partygoers were either major donors, creative people, or models. It is somewhat daunting to mix in a room where everyone else is richer, better looking, or more successful than you. Or all three at once.


Felicia said...

Underwear? U don't need no stinkin' undies!!!!

Sounds like you are having fun! Texan generosity is as big as the square mass of the state, and any Texan you make your friend will remain that status until the end of time.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! (Especially the shoe shining)

I'm being really sad ... just read about the oats explosion & had to go back to the beginning ... I hate reading in reverse, especially knitting journals as you watch garments return to yarn (not that this is a bad thing is some cases)

As this is being commented on such an old post, you'll probably never read this (see I told you I was sad, now I'm sending comments off into the ether) but I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying this &, I was feeling pretty down this evening/early hours of the morning.

Thanks for cheering me up with your wonderful witty writing, looking forward to seeing more of your photography & of your knitting ... both interests of mine.