Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Too Pretty

Halloween Parade, Chicago, 2003
Originally uploaded by panopticon.

After realizing that my last three posted photos featured a cute kid, a teddy bear, and a flower, I decided to damp down the cuteness just a smidge.

I'm not that kind of photographer, really I'm not.

If you ever see in this blog a picture of an adorable, fuzzy little kitty all cunningly tangled up in a ball of yarn and looking just so absolutely precious, you will know that somebody has hacked my account. And probably killed me.

About the Picture

One of the things I love about my neighborhood is that this Halloween costume parade usually features adults and kids in equal measure. It's not a "gay" event and it's not a "family" event, it's a "neighborhood" event and you get the full cross-section.

I give this queen credit for strutting her stuff that night - Halsted Street is long, and it was a late October night in Chicago. The temperature could not have been above 34 degrees.

Amsterdam Scarf

I'm getting into knitting on the train in a large way. I'm zoomin', man, I'm zoomin'. The scarf is almost long enough that I'll have to pin it to itself to keep it from dragging on the platform. (Don't be too impressed, this happens much faster when you're short.)

I hear that on the "KnitList" (which I haven't joined, though I understand it's wonderful for comic relief) the subject of knitting while in public is a frequent topic of discussion. What's to discuss? Nobody ever says boo to me.

Perhaps, considering what one sees people do on the Chicago trains (masturbate, smoke pot, screw, vomit, fight, urinate, and - on one really memorable morning - go into labor) the sight of "man knitting scarf" simply lacks punch.


Anonymous said...

There's been some discussion of "knitting in public" on the TKGA message board, as well.

I can't for the life of me figure out why that's even an issue. But, then again, I breastfed my children in public so perhaps I'm just an exhibitionist, hmmm?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the subject of your photos has to define the "kind of photographer" that you are. Obviously there are people that focus on certain subjects (for some reason I got the feeling you were starting to feel like Anne Geddes or something). Anyway, a good shot is a good shot, I think you have a knack for catching that good shot.

Franklin said...

Anne Geddes. Hmm.

All I can say about Anne Geddes is that I think her work was absolutely PERFECT as an accompaniment to Celine Dion's singing. Take that as you will.

Colleen, you weren't by any chance breastfeeding and knitting simultaneously? Because that is a feat of legerdemain I would pay to see.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, when my children were small enough to BE breastfed, I didn't knit.

I wonder if I could convince them to try it now, just so I could see if I could do it?

Anonymous said...

Omg, I always wondered what became of Karen Black. LOL. She's still gorgeous! : )

Franklin said...

That's not Karen Black, silly. It's Christina Aguilera.

Unknown said...

I know that this is a really old post and that colleen will probably not see this.... but I would like to make it known that I can, in fact, knit and breastfeed. It is actually not all that hard. If you start when they are young it is very easy to teach them to leave the yarn alone. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Unknown said...

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