Friday, March 11, 2005


Cowboys, Cowtown Rodeo, March 2005
Originally uploaded by panopticon.

I just got an e-mail from a self-described faithful reader (who knew?) taking me to task for not including a picture of the intarsia swatch.

For heaven's sake - you can see unfinished objects on any old knitting blog. Wouldn't you rather I used that bandwith to post this sort of picture instead?

(I will, however, chart the course of the sweater sleeve with pictures, word of honor. Far be it from me to disappoint my public.)


markknitz said...

yum, yum!
i've been trying to post to you, but it wasn't working. anyway, glad to be of help w/ the intarsia. i finished the flames sweater. i didn't use the fiber they called for and went for lambs pride w/ is 80% wool and 15 mohair. it's HOT!!! I think I bound off the neck a little tight so I may rip it out and cast off again. other than that I love it. and you are so right about mens patterns. i have an int'l vogue knitting mag from a few years back that's mostly mens that look pretty good. i'll see if i can find the date for you.

moiraeknittoo said...

I stumbled upon your blog a while back, but am just now going back through your archives. And cackling at my desk, which is providing endless amounts of amusement to the guy in the cube across the way.

I had to comment on this one, because I love that pic of the two cowboys. Yum! I've done some creative math with the number on the back of that gentleman's shirt, and have a silly, happy grin on my face.

Thank you for sharing all your pics and cartoons. I love them!

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