Sunday, March 13, 2005

Shaking in My Boots

So, I'm going to this knitting shop in Chicago that I've never been to before, called Knitter's Niche.

I've been to two other places in Chicago, Arcadia Knitting and a place near my office in Evanston.

Arcadia is very nice, but a smidge on the expensive side for a newbie like me (I don't deserve to knit anything with $15/skein yarn yet). Getting there also means walking 5 city blocks through an iffy neighborhood, after a ride on the train.

The place in Evanston is a four-minute walk from my desk, but was so breathtakingly rude I will give up knitting before I ever spend a penny in there again.

Knitter's Niche is pretty close to my building, just a pleasant stroll through Boystown, but the owner has a reputation for being a bit on the gruff side. And that's with women. God only knows how she's going to react to me.

I wish I could morph into Colorado Jon for the afternoon so I could strut in there and ask for something impressive. All I need is supplies for the London beanie, which I started once already and frogged when I realized the yarn was going to make my head itch.

I'll report in later, unless of course I don't make it out alive.

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