Friday, March 25, 2005

Another Print

Near the Vaci Utca, Budapest, 2005
Originally uploaded by panopticon.

I finished this up two nights ago and just realized I forgot to post it here. This is for the Danube portfolio.

There will be three portfolios, when the project is done: Danube, Rodeo, and Chicago. There may be one more: Children.

The individual mounted prints will go into the portfolio case as needed depending upon the person or organization I'm showing it to.

It's a flexible way to work, recommended to me by an established pro whose experience and judgement I trust.

Per MarQ1's thoughtful request, I'm going to take a picture of the finished case and post it (I hope) this weekend.

And speaking of the weekend, I wish all and sundry a peaceful Easter (if that's your thing) or just plain peace.

And to all persons, regardless of denomination, I wish at least one Cadbury egg.


Mrs. Lear said...

What beautiful pictures! I was so surprised your blog came up in my google for knit and Budapest! My family and I loved your podcast about trying on a sweater, alone in your apartment, and not being able to get it off! We are off to Budapest this summer - we like long walks, painting, eating cake, shopping for picnic supplies at the market and eating pastry. Can you pass along any Budapest favorites or advice? Thank you! And congratulations on your new niece.

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