Friday, March 18, 2005

Back in the Saddle

Flag Rider, Cowtown Rodeo Grand Entry, 2005
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It's not all better today, but it's better.

I wrote last night's entry to get the feelings out of my system, not to garner sympathy, but let me tell you - the kind words that came in via comments went straight to my heart.

Every single one of you said something that helped me. Something I will use to move forward, and keep going.

To all of you, as one of my dearest old lady friends would say, "A blessing on your smart little head, oytser."

The Portfolio Case

The wax finish was the way to go. It gleams, it has depth, it feels heavenly under the fingers. Excellent. Tonight I plan to re-assemble the pieces and this weekend I want to get the lining material.

Knitting Horizon

Must. Finish. Sweater. For those just tuning in to this action-filled blog, I'm on sleeve #1 of the Skully Sweater from Stitch 'n' Bitch. I've conquered my fear of intarsia, and am now fussing about with the pattern I designed that is intended to replace the skulls.

I need to stop waffling and just finish it, because Colleen waved a smashing men's sweater pattern from Knitty in front of me, and now I feel compelled to try it.

(Thanks a whole lot, Colleen. Like I'm not busy enough.)

Ye Ollde London Beanie continues apace and may actually be ready in order to go with me to Holland & Belgium next month.

(Not as grand as it sounds - I'm shepherding a bunch of university alumni about. But it does mean a free trip on a pretty ship, and I'm going to spend three precious days in Amsterdam on my own beforehand.)

Poetry Corner

Jon says he hasn't read anything in my Book Tag entry (Felicia tagged me) with the exception of one poem by John Donne, to which I reply:

A little Donne
Is better than nonne.


Anonymous said...

Your post didn't strike me as one soliciting sympathy... I think a lot of the responses perhaps had more to do with empathy. You put it out there. You expressed what we have all probably felt at one time or another and in supporting you we are also supporting ourselves. It's a help/help situation really. I, a total stranger, WANT to see you succeed; it gives me a tiny shred of hope for myself. I hope that didn't sound too terribly selfish, because my comment wasn't at all self-motivated... I'll stop there before I start bumbling and make it worse.

I cannot wait to see your sweater. I'm terrified of intarsia.

3 days all about you in Amsterdam... that DOES sound precious! Insert jealousy here.

Anonymous said...

Franklin said:

Thanks a whole lot, Colleen. Like I'm not busy enough.

You're welcome. I'm here to help. said...

Little doubt, the dude is totally just.

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