Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Now, Hear This

Goody gumdrops. I just heard from that nice Brenda over at the Cast On podcast, and she's given my latest bundle of audio joy the green light.

I'll be on the next episode, which will appear on Friday.

I'm so excited I could pee! How about you?

Pop Quiz
Q: What's the single hardest thing about writing something funny about knitting?*

A: Coming up with a line Stephanie Pearl-McPhee hasn't already thought of. (Three books? Slow down, girl. Leave something for the rest of us.)
*Unless you're Marilyn, in which case you are sui generis.


If, like me, you require a fix of QueerJoe's Knitting Blog as often as possible, it's very distressing go to his usual domain and be confronted with nothing but the word "ok." Never fear, he has not abandoned us, he is merely grappling with some domain pointing issues.

You can get to him here. He has lots of cool things on his knitting blog that I don't, such as knitting.


Anonymous said...

Franklin, I can't wait until Friday!
Teletubbies on tv for junior, and Cast-on podcast for mummy on the iMac(with big mug of tea and knitting of course)
I have recently discovered podcasts and love them - it reminds me of being an 11 year old girl with my taperecorder pretending to be a DJ.
Love your blog - found it from Jeans (Miles) site, which I found from Madknits site (Madelaine, and australian lady living in Glasgow who attends the same SnB as me)

Sorka said...

Great!! I can't wait to hear it! I can now read your blog in your voice! It's very nice!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I listen to Cast On religiously and I loved your last offering, so I'm very much looking forward to this one. So far I've managed not to pee myself, though. :-)

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Stephanie is the reason that many of us should just write, "yeah, me too." in our blogs and quit while we're ahead. But I never listen to reason. Fortunately, neither does anyone else or where would I be with my high speed connection on a Friday night looking for knitbloggers?

I've never listened to a podcast either. I'll make Friday's a first.

Stacy said...

I am looking forward to Cast-On anyway, but now that you are going to be doing a segment, I can't wait. It will be on (hopfully) just in time to cast of for the knitting Olympics!

Anonymous said...

I will try my damndest not to wet the stash.

What? it's tucked in around the couch pillows for safekeeping and self-delusion...where did you think it was?

birdfarm said...

This is absolutely nothing to do with Marilyn, but I have to riff on "sui generis"...

So, in the back of New York magazine (not to be confused with the snottier "New Yorker"... "New York" is snotty, but in a hipper sort of way) they have (or used to anyway) little contests related to language... one of them was something like, "mistranslations." The winner of the competition was:

Sui generis: A fat hog.

This is one of my favorite jokes ever.

That is all.

Kathleen said...

I am still giggling about the cartoon. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the roving pun!

Lucia said...

:) :)!!

Between you and Steph, there's not much left to be said. I'm with WPFY, though: I'll say it anyway.

Aidan said...

I can always count on Franklin and his little friends to help me expand my linguistic horizons...

"wet my stash"

o. my.

That's a keeper, that is.

lee ann, I'm stealing it and using it, and I'll probably try to take credit for it. thank you.

Christina said...

Dear Franklin,

This question has nothing to do with your post, so I apologise in advance. You spoke in previous posts about your love of etiquette tomes. Could you tell me, in your research, did you come across a dining style called "International Style?"

I am traveling to London and am worried that I'll stick out like a sore thumb if I hold my fork the wrong way. Any pointers?

Elemmaciltur said...

Reading your know it gives me a thought that the knitting world in the blogosphere isn't that big after all. It seems that everyone knows each other. Things got mentioned that you'd know of...I mean, your audio at Brenda's Cast-On...The Yarn-Harlot's books.

Haaaaa....*it's a small world aaaafter all, it's a small world aaaaaaaafter all!*

Anonymous said...


I love your cartoons and blog in general. It makes me smile when I see there is a new post from you in my Bloglines roll. - Thanks.

Just had to butt in on Christina's question. There are more important things in life than how you hold your fork and British people are totally used to seeing Americans (you are American?) eat. Don't stress about it, enjoy your trip.

Dawn - a Scot in the Netherlands and so used to cultural differences.

Carol said...

Okay, Franklin, stop it right now. Stop being so adorable, and so clever, and so talented. Or I'm gonna have to fly on out there to Chicago and bring you home with me. Husband be damned.

Anonymous said...

AAH, Franklin. You're just too cute. Thanks for the new giggle.

Anonymous said...

Can one listen to a "podcast" through a PC? Or is that totally a "Help, I'm an English Major lost in the World of Technology" question?

Thanks, dear one.
"...your roving." Awesome.

Anonymous said...

I find your little comments on your cartoons about copy right almost as funny as the dang cartoon!

Anonymous said...

So how's the knittin' injury coming along these days?

And don't worry, you've got plenty of content that Steph hasn't touched yet. While I love her over the top style, sometimes it feels repetitious. You've got a fresh angle.


birdfarm said...

I'm gonna butt in too and say, loved your response to Christina, Dawn! Christina, have a great trip & "don't sweat the small stuff!"

If you're curious, the only "big" difference is that Brits/Europeans don't switch hands--fork stays in right hand from plate to mouth, there's a wrist-swiveling motion--while some Americans were trained to move the fork to the left hand before putting it in their mouths.

But trust me--you will "stick out like a sore thumb" a lot more if you are twisting yourself into a pretzel trying to hold your fork in way that's unfamiliar or unnatural to you (I've seen people do that--it's painful to watch). Just do whatever you normally do--nobody will care--as Dawn says, they're used to us. And you have better things to think about--you're on an exciting trip, after all! Have a blast!

Liz said...

THANK YOU, Franklin; I was about to send you a question asking WTF is up with queerjoe's blog?

And you have of course answered the question before it is even asked. You wonder, you. Thanks.

Rosane said...


Your cartoons are fabulous, but you already know that.

I'm looking forward to your podcast. I listened to the first one, and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Nice piece for Brenda. Very good work.

Are you feelling calmer about the Wedding Ring?

Anonymous said...

tired of your roving...
Oh Lawdy, I might just pee from that joke. I'd show it to someone, anyone, I know, but they don't need any more proof that I'm just a geek with knitting needles.
I just popped over to congratulate you on the lovely Knitting Olympic Gold medal button you made. Love it.
I've never listened to a podcast before (not even Stephanie's) but I'm looking yours up.

Angela said...

Franklin, thank you for the lovely Olympic medal you made for the Harlot! it's beautiful, and the readers of my blog (all five of them) have all loved it!

Great job!

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