Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Since I began blogging (which I realized yesterday was one year ago as of the 17th), I've instituted a policy of not blogging about work, chiefly because bitching about the office is something other people do better than I, and far too many people do badly.

However, as a glimpse into my psyche (hide your children) I present to you a complete, unexpurgated sheet from my notebook of "notes" taken during a recent meeting that can only be described as an Apotheosis of Pointlessness.

(I wonder if they'd consider paying me to paint it, à la Rubens, on the conference room ceiling.)

At the meeting's end, the person in charge earnestly singled me out for thanks for my contributions to the discussion, and said they would adopt my suggestions when moving forward.

I truly don't know whether I ought to be flattered or not.


turtlegirl76 said...

*snerk* Gotta love it when you get the praise for doing absolutely nothing.

Sherry W said...

Wait, 'suggestions' as in something you had said, or in reference to the doodles?! :)

Anonymous said...

The question is, do you even remember what your suggestions were?! Just take the money and run...very quickly...and very far!

Anonymous said...

Happy blogiversary! I aspire to your popularity and awesomeness in blogland!

I like your multitasking -- contributing to the meeting AND expressing your frustration in doodles! If only you could knit during the meetings...

Anonymous said...

I had a brother-in-law try to sell me Amway. At the start, he have me a pencil and paper and essentially told me not to ask questions till he was done. So I drew a pyramid, and a sun, and a camel going across the dessert.

He wasn't too impressed to see my questions when he was done talking, but he never brought up Amway to me again.


Anonymous said...

The fact that you can make valuable contributions while also doodling indicates something about why you think the meeting was pointless. Be flattered. You obviously have the ability to see through things in a way that seems obvious to you but is not possible for others around you. It took me a long time to realize that this ability is not normal. Unfortunately, it makes a for a whole lot of boring metings followed by what seems like unnecessary flattery.

Elemmaciltur said...

Happy Blogoversary! Sorry the meeting was boring for you, but look at it this way: You were productive enough to make us a great drawing!

Unknown said...

Happy blog-o-versary! And many more.

Timewasting bullshit. That about sums up virtually all the meetings I ever went to at work.

I usually doodle squares and triangles. And weird-looking fashionistas, left over from my high school days when my friend Dotti and I aspired to be Mary Quant.

Of course, I can't draw. Which is why I love your talent so much! It is truly amazing, what you can do with a pen in hand.

Nerdy Knitter said...

The look on that sheep's face says it all--so sad and mopey. Poor sheepie, stuck in one spot, probably snacking on the same little patch of grass for eternity.

Ann said...

I attended a budget meeting yesterday on campus. In between extreme yawning I found myself doodling--I was two seconds away from drawing a hangman and a noose. Must have been some sort of subliminal messaging going on there.

Multitasking...as I type this I am participating in an online meeting that is so darn boring that reading blogs is making it tolerable. Do people not realize that reading word for word from a presentation online is as boring as it is when you do it face-to-face?

You gotta love online meetings and the opportunities to multi-task.



Anonymous said...

I so do NOT miss the corporate bullshit! All those buzz words and phrases and such a waste of so much time and resources. Be well, love your squiggles!

Cindy in (un) Happy Valley said...

I once proposed, only slightly tongue in cheek, that I was thinking about mounting an exhibit of "meeting art". One of my status lines in IM says "Creating meeting art". I do believe it is a true modern form of artistic endeavor.

While mine is not of the caliber of yours Franklin, my "art" includes .... horses--no kidding, trees, vines, and flowers. I was once reprimanded for making my "art" during a meeting by my director. He was bloviating about a completely ridiculous plan, and I had positively nothing to add to what I knew would be a failure all on its own. He took offense that I remainded politely silent, albeit doodling. He has no idea how lucky he was that day....really.

Anonymous said...

Where's the leather guy? ;-)

I do not miss meetings run by insane people drawing circles and arrows all over the whiteboard. I like your sheep much better. Also, coffee.

Flossie in Stitches said...

Gorgeous doodles.

Please, please, write more essays for Brenda Dayne's Cast On podcast. You are hilarious, and make me chuckle. Probably so loud that, even though I am in England, you can here me across the pond :o)


birdfarm said...

my doodles during those meetings tend to be pretty violent...they run to stabbing myself in the head, my head exploding from the mind-numbing agony of it all, that sort of thing.

so, i empathize with your misery!

Lucia said...

Happy bloggy-versary!

I am not sure if the thanks for your contributions reflect your utter brilliance or the meeting's utter inanity. You may take your choice.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog-anniversary!

You should be making a book of your drawings and becoming rich and famous. I'd buy it, and would be lining up for an autograph!

dragon knitter said...


TrampledbyGeese said...

You draw really well.
If I had a ceiling that needed painting, I would get you to design it.

Anonymous said...

Are some of those pictures sketches of your co-workers?

Anonymous said...

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