Monday, October 02, 2006

Hot Date

Chicagoland Knitters: Mark your calendars.

We're going to have us a Dulaan Project Knit-In Potluck on November 4, 2006 from noon to 6 pm.

The location: the quite lovely John Evans Alumni Center at Northwestern University, 1800 Sheridan Road, Evanston. We have the entire ground floor, comprising the Edwardian-era library, sun porch, breakfast room, conservatory, and dining room. It's terribly grand, yet cosy.

The Alumni Association is graciously donating use of the space for the day. There's ample free parking all around.
What Will We Be Doing?
We'll be knitting (or crocheting, if that's your pleasure) our nimble fingers off on behalf of the Dulaan Project. There will also be prizes, incessant chatter, and noshing.

What, No Sex?
No. We just had the carpets cleaned. And shame on you.

Do I Need to Sign Up?
Yes, please. One of the requirements is that we must have some idea of who's coming, so e-mail invitations will go out via eVite. To be added to the invitation list, do this:
  1. Send an email to dolores at franklinhabit daht cahm.
  2. Use the subject line "Dulaan".
  3. Make sure the body of the message includes your name and email address as you'd like them to appear on your invitation.
  4. Watch your e-mail for an invitation. Sometimes evite messages can get flagged as spam, so be vigilant.
If you know someone who wishes to come but does not use e-mail, you may sign them up as your "and guest" when your invitation arrives. Also, asking for an invite doesn't mean you're saying you'll definitely attend. It just gives you the option.

[Late addition: I realized it's possible to set up the invitation so that those attending can invite other people to attend. Feel free to do so–no need to go only through me. Just don't spam people in my name, okay?]

The list of e-mail addresses will only be used for this event, then securely discarded. I'm not building a mailing list or getting anything out of this event aside from the pleasure of your company. The point is to encourage participation in the Dulaan.

Nota bene: Pretty please with Rowan Kidsilk Haze on top do not ask to be put on the list via any other e-mail address or the comments.
What Should I Bring?
First and foremost: your Dulaan knitting, whatever it may be.

Also: this is going to be a potluck. (Ooh. Suddenly I feel all lesbian.)

I've got the venue secured in my name, and will be putting some of my own time and resources into the provision of food and drink. However, I can't do it all alone, so I'll be in need of a few lieutenants to help with set up and clean up.

You'll be able to sign up to bring something or help in a specific way via the invitation page.

If you're in a position to offer a prize or some sort of catering/provisioning, please so note in your e-mail and I or Dolores will be in touch. We can't offer much, beyond credit on the site and at the event, but we'd be grateful.
Are You Sure There Won't Be Sex?
Knock it off, Dolores.


kmkat said...

Sorry I can't be there -- too long a drive from n.w. Wisconsin -- but I will knit Dulaan in your honor that day. I'm sure you will all have a blast (even without the sex).

The best thing about today's post was the proper use of "comprise" to mean "include." Not that I would expect anything less from you, Franklin ;-) You have made me feel dumb (me, a National Merit finalist, 2-time Jeopardy qualifier, and self-appointed Corrector of All Things Wrong) more than once.

Sean said...

wish I could come...but what with the no sex statute... sigh. Only kidding. I hope your event is a huge success. Can I contribute any yarn for your event? Just let me know.

Lucia said...

It would be waaay too long a drive from MA. I will be busily knitting away and envying fortunate Chicagoans.

dragon knitter said...

i won't be there, sigh. i have a 60th birthday party to attend (and it's an EIGHT hour drive). however, i'd still be willing to provide a prize!

Elizabeth said...

Thinking very carefully about this one...

If a person requests the e-vite, but doesn't end up completing the deal, does that throw you off? Is the act of asking for the e-vite equivalent to RSVPing? Or is there another round of commitment?

Franklin said...

Elizabeth - unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way for me to just post the event listing and say "hey y'all - sign up" - which is why I have to send invitations.

Asking for an invitation is NOT tantamount to RSVP'ing "yes." You can definitely request the invite and choose not to attend.

denny Mcmillan said...

I can't come,(to the event)but I will knit.........and have sex.
Doing it for Dullan.

denny Mcmillan said...

I meant Dulaan.

Jenn said...

I would love to come from St. Louis for the day, but it looks like Amtrak doesn't stop in Evanston. Is it easy to get from Union Station to the campus?

Pink said...

I wish I could be there as well but being in SF and having to work is too much to I'll stay here, have sex and knit up a storm after a nap!

Marilyn said...

So when are you giving Dolores her own e-mail address? I think she should have one. I'm sure she would agree.

I can see it now: EweDoMe at lambskin dot cahm.

FiberQat said...

I'd love to be there but it's a fair hike from Portland OR. It sounds like a divine location for a knit-in for a great cause.

Mel said...

Well, the left-coasters are about twice as far away as I am. Who knew Chicago was only 1/3 of the way across the country? Nonetheless, it's just a bit too far for me to make. And even though there will be no sex, hopefully it will be an opportunity for some folks to have good S.E.X. beforehand.

sogalitno said...

aw shucks too far to come from the Hudson Valley

unless we get a caravan up?

hmm, that might be fun.

KnitMongrel said...

No sex? Well, shit. And here I thought that's what you meant by "potluck."

Now I've gotta go get my tupperware and put away my lingerie.

mlj1954 said...

Now there's a great excuse . . . "Sorry honey, not tonight. We're knitting for Dulaan."

AuntyNin said...

Sounds like a great event, but Chicago's a heck of a commute from Syracuse. Unless that Hudson Valley poster manages to get something going, I'll just have to be with you all in spirit.

Rabbitch said...

Well. If there were going to be sex, of course I would drive from Vancouver, BC just to be there.

As it is you will just have to try to have fun without me. No, really. It's possible.

Norma said...

Dayum, I wish I were in Chicagoland. That sounds like the best event EVER. Even without the sex.

enallagma9 said...

Add me to the list of Those Who Live Too Far Away. Sorry. Maybe I'll organize my own Dulaan-In.

Vicky in Vancouver said...

Rabbitch has got to be kidding. Drive from Vancouver? in her vehicle o' doom?

daisy said...

I wanna come! I wanna come!

...but I can't. You're too far away from Virginia and somehow I can't imagine myself seriously asking my husband if he'd mind my catching the overnight Amtrak train to Chicago so I can go knit for 6 hours (especially with the no sex part).

I have marked Nov. 4th on the calendar and will knit and eat appropriate potluck-type food with all of you in spirit.

David said...

Forget it, then.

sahara said...

Franklin, you know lesbians that can cook that good? You're lucky.

I would LOVE to be there, If work doesn't mess me up. Otherwise, I can contribute on behalf of the shop.

junior_goddess said...

You guys have FUN, and be productive! Congrats on being such a nifty organizer, Franklin, and we will be waiting for smart-assed pictures. Make sure D doesn't sneak off with the camera!

Brenda said...

It's not too hard to get to Evanston from Union Station. Once you get to Union Station you can cross the street to the commuter Metra station (aka Ogilvie Ctr) and take the "Union Pacific North" line to Evanston. You'd get off at the Davis St. stop, walk north a couple streets to Clark St and then walk east to Sheridan Road (toward the lake, right before the park).

Metra schedule:

Map of campus w/a pic of the Alumni building (aka, very old mansion):

dragon knitter said...

i'll provide two related skeins (they aren't matchy-matchy, but they came from the same batch) of merino blend handspun, somewhere between sport & dk weight. lemme know what you wanna do with it, lol

Valerie said...

But I don't get off work until 6pm in Skokie. Where's the after party?

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