Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Night Out

Apparently it's my turn to give the recap of Stitches in Britches, so here goes.

The group assembled as usual at the Argo Tea Café that's just spitting distance from Marshall Field's, and managed to secure a good table on the first floor in spite of the usual crowd of moms-n-daughters grabbing a quick latté before the performance of Wicked next door at the Oriental Theater.

We were honored to be joined by wit, raconteur, and bon vivant Joel, aka Faustus, MD. Joel is all too briefly in town from New York City, where he works as a freelance blacksmith in between seasons with the New York City Ballet. In fall 2007 he will dance Giselle. Joel and I were at university together, so he knew me when I had a full head of hair.

This is Joel, working on his own version of the Regicide Scarf. He is much cuter than this (sorry, Joel), but he already has a steady boyfriend so he's off limits anyway.

Andy was knitting the cowl from Last Minute Knitted Gifts using what's left of the yarn from his 20-year-old unfinished object. He brought along his completed Noro hat and scarf, presents for a niece. They are absolutely adorable. I didn't manage to get pictures of them, but I took this picture so that you can see that he hasn't had a manicure this week.

Aidan was there but he was on the other side of the table and I don't have any pictures of him. Sorry, Aidan. Aidan was knitting socks and had two pots of tea.

Jonathan, who enjoys the sort of knitting that would make other people cry, is knitting two fancy-ass multicolored, textured socks at the same time on a circular needle using the Magic Loop method. I would rather singe off my nose hairs with a butane lighter, but to each his own. The socks are awesome.

Isn't he cute? But he's not only straight, he's got a very nice wife, and the socks are for her. So you just keep those sick fantasies to yourself, thank you very much.

Oh, and Buzz came to visit and take pictures.

Buzz is my good buddy and upstairs neighbor who blogs here. I told him not to take pictures of me and he didn't listen and so I'm putting up this shot mostly out of revenge. In person Buzz is very nice looking, and smart and polite, and not married, so if you think he's hot I say go for it. I can provide other pictures of him if you want more to go on before making an offer.

Buzz is interested in joining us as our token needlepointer so I loaned him a pile of books from my needlepoint days and offered him lots of floss and canvas that I have sitting around. So if he wimps out on us it won't be my fault.

The manager of the Argo is this cute twinkie of Polish extraction who keeps asking us to let him know if there's anything he can do for us, which is kind of a dangerous question given the nature of our group.

I had two large chocolate milks and a really phat chocolate chip cookie and by the time I got home the sugar rush was making me vibrate and I didn't fall asleep until 1 a.m.

Dolores came home as I was getting ready for work, wearing a Sigma Chi sweatshirt and carrying half a bottle of tequila. She put on the stereo, wiggled around the living room to Saint Etienne's "Like a Motorway" and then passed out with her head in the windowbox.



Eldronius said...

You make me wish I lived around Chicago. I am so jealous of such a fun sounding group of people hanging around a tea house knitting!

Sarah R said...

Never mind Jonathan, I want the socks!

Love your blog, love your drawings, love the Dolores story...and need the Venus de Milo shirt.

Andy said...

I'm booking a manicure before the next gathering! Maybe even a pedicure for the summer flip-flop meetings!

Aidan said...

No pic of me? I'm crushed! You failed to mention that, regardless of who else attended, we all came to bask in your glow. We are so lucky to have the "fabulous" Franklin Habit at our center.

Beth said...

I'm confused. Is Buzz gay or not? Exactly who should consider "going for it"?

Franklin said...

Oh, he's a total Mary, Beth. Boys only. You're right, I should have specified.

Ted said...

Jonathan is knitting Lucy Neatby's "Fiesta Feet Socks"? I've been wanting to work them, but I'd never wear them and no-one I know would either.

colin said...

Only just knit my first and second sock/ I used two circ method. I'd never do it the way you have described. As you say, life is too short!

meg said...

Jonathan is indeed knitting Lucy Neatby's Fiesta Feet socks (and using up stash yarn, thank you very much). She has a mitten pattern with the same kinds of stitching out there too.

Paul said...

I agree with eldonius - I would SO love to come and knit with you guys sometime! Very cool!

Holly @Home said...

Mum wants those socks ..and soon ..a husband who knits where oh about a swap for one who plays blues guitar ? Ask please ..only Mum would look like his grandma so she'd settle for his knitting .

Cheryl said...

the manager of the place we were knitting asked once if there was anything he could do for us and he was told, "get on the table and strip so we can put $1 bills in your shorts"... he hasn't asked THAT question again.

meg said...

Holly - tell your mom I'd be happy to consider a husband swap, as I play guitar and could use a few pointers - grin.

ivyleaves said...

colin said...
Only just knit my first and second sock/ I used two circ method. I'd never do it the way you have described. As you say, life is too short!

This is my favorite way to make socks, except I go toe-up. It is far easier than wrestling with two circs or 4-5 dpns, and you are done with both socks at the end! You don't know what you're missing.

Carol said...

Are we having a Celebrity Smackdown this week? Hmmm?

FiberQat said...

What wonderful, inspiring, beautiful knitters! Shame that Buzz is a total Mary. He is a hottie!

Ted, if you want to make the Fiesta socks, you can make a pair for the SockGoddess.

Dolores hitting up frat boys. Poor guys don't know what they're in for....

Zee said...

The socks are amazing! Such talent! And the looks of everyone in the pictures, fabulous.

I think I saw a bit of that Noro hat you mentioned at Buzz's place. ;)

Jason said...

I too wish I could come join the group. What fun! And what talent! I sure could use some guidance sometimes! ::SIGH:: So so far away!

Lee Ann said...

Okay, Jonathan totally one-ups me on the magic loop thing. His socks are both on ONE magic loop. But thanks for the photo, because now I know how he does it. I'm so switching my socks to one long circ...

I don't have nose hairs, so you can just put away that lighter, babe :-)

Ben said...


i'm so jealous! it looks like a lot of fun.

I want a group of knitter-people that i can drink tea and hang with.

how about visiting Calgary? Brokeback Mountain was filmed here...we could tour all the set locations when we're not drinking tea and knitting! ummmm... there's a big gay rodeo ( in June, just before the not-specifically-gay rodeo in July ( in boots and wranglers...picnics in the Rocky Mountains?

worth a try.

marie in florida said...

did ya plant dolores some hay?

Buzz said...


who me?

goblinbox said...


Joanne said...

A blues guitarist? Send him my way! *L* Or any other kind of guitarist...except country!

doulicia said...

Please continue to post these updates. I love the thought of you men knitting together -- and such beautiful work.

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