Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rhinebeck Sweater Status Report

Elizabeth Zimmermann Seamless Percentage sweater (Knitting Without Tears), raglan top

Jo Sharp DK Wool

Needle: Clover bamboo US7 circular

Working on:

Swatch gauge: 5.5 stitches/inch

Currently knitting at: 5.5 stitches/inch (yay)

Desired circumference: 39 inches

Achieved circumference:
39 inches (yay)

Desired body length from hem to underarm: 13.5"

Current body length: 6" on the dot

Number of times gauge has been measured: 4,567

Surprises: Iridescent purplish ply in otherwise blue yarn. Swear it was not there when looked at yarn at Stitches Midwest Market.

Programs watched in whole or part while knitting:
"The Forsyte Saga" (original version, 3 episodes), Hirschfeld: The Line King, "Absolutely Fabulous" Season One (2 episodes), "The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization," "In the Footsteps of Alexander" (final episode)


Colleen said...

Oh, GAWD - I love Ab Fab. I must knit with you some time. It would be so much fun.

Calvin said...

The sweather is looking great so far, Franklin. I was looking at some of Zimmerman's books At Amazon.Com and may have to invest in one (or more). Is the sweather you're making knit in one piece? I have a friend that knitted one on circs. in one piece and swears by it. No setting the sleves or anything. I can't wait to see the finished product. It's almost Friday and I hope that you and C have a great weekend.

JoVE said...

That looks great. I'm scared to comment on the colour as I don't trust my monitor but it looks great. Knitting in the round is the best. You'll wow them at Rhinebeck.

Leslie said...

Ah, EZ..... She makes you believe you can do ANYTHING. I know she's empowered me. Beautiful color (if the monitor is to be believed) and I'm impressed with the gauge keeping. May you make and wear in good health!

Jon said...

What's wrong with the colour? You need to trust your instincts and such and go with the colour choice you originally made. Subconsciously, you knew there was a little blue in it. Now you recognize it and you must embrace the blueness.

OK, enough dither. How many balls have you used so far, punkin?

Bonnie said...

Oh that Soames Forsyte....don't get me started! Love the color.....

Anonymous said...

mugging in the mirror and in Rhinebeck for the public...Priceless!

sep said...

beautiful! thanks so much for the pic in progress, it's really very exciting stuff :)

goblinbox said...

I bought that book. Cause of you, you know.

Anonymous said...

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