Friday, February 25, 2005

In or Out?

Flower Seller
Originally uploaded by panopticon.

Opinions, please.

Occasionally the thrill of having got a shot under challenging circumstances colors my opinion of the shot itself.

I had to pile a lot of Hungarian money into this dear lady's hands (enough, I think, to buy about 40 of those little nosegays) before she would agree to a picture. No problem, except that the moment I lifted the camera she changed her mind and started grousing at me.

Is it a good shot? Is it interesting? Is it portfolio material? Or is it just a snapshot with a highly-colored memory behind it? I'm considering swapping out one of the other portfolio images to make room for this one, and other eyes would be handy.

Opinions invited (cheap shots ignored).


Anonymous said...

I think it's a great shot, especially knowing you were expecting a different shot than the one of her with her hands out. I would include it with a portfolio. I personally get tired of the boring stock shots many photographers put in their portofolios-- look, here are some kids playing, puppies sleeping, the moon, the sun rising- boring.


Franklin said...

Many thanks, Felicia - I'm much obliged (and I'm not generally a fan of sunrise shots, either).

Rebecca said...

I'm bored this morning and you haven't written anything new yet, so I'm perusing 2005 .... and you'll never see this comment, however...

"oy,whaddaya doin, put down that silly camera and eat your matzoh-ball soup, you'll freeze to death, why aren't your ears covered?"

I love, love, love this woman and the photo. Look at her fabulous sense of humor sparkling through. She's obviously messing with the protagonist (you!) and she's funny and wise and radiates beauty. I love her.

LesleyD said...

Hey Franklin! Love your blog! I read it as often as I can!

Now for the pic....
Even though you've already given the background on the shot, most folks that just look at it for the first time are going to see the image and try to figure out the meaning behind it (those with a brain anyways).
I like the elements in the shot, the stone walls, the cigarette but behind her left foot, the flowers she is holding, the grass/weeds growing from the base of the wall but I don't like the lady. Her hand is blurred, and I hate that expression on her face. I would leave this shot out. I don't think this shot should go in your portfolio.

Blog On!!

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sghemk said...

bummer. Wish I could have seen the photo. Le sigh..... Susan