Monday, February 21, 2005

And Also

Back of the sweater is now well-begun, with the bottom garter stich and about 6 inches of stockinette complete.

Bought Maggie Righetti's Knitting in Plain English. I think it ought to be in the hands of everyone learning to knit. It actually lives up to the title, and I like her head-on, commonsense approach to mistakes, tricky processes, and large projects.

She's a right-on woman, is Maggie.


Jan said...

Hi! Found your blog today via "The Knitting Curmudgeon" & "Queer Joe's Knitting Blog". I wanted to start at the beginning as I liked what I read way up in October!

Anyway, Maggie's book was one of my 1st how to's & still one my favorite resources ~ hi-lited & posted-it noted all over. Great blog.

sghemk said...

You picked a great book to get you going with knitting... I am aware that you discovered EZ and Meg, but, had I read this post when you wrote it, I would have suggested them to you at that (this) point. Looking forward to the next post.... Susan