Thursday, December 15, 2005

Out of the Sketchbook

I was working on illustrations for Marilyn last night and ran across this doodle. I don't have time to re-work it into a finished state but maybe it'll give you a giggle.

State of the Ruana

It's on schedule and approaching completion. And I like it. The first real try-on took place yesterday at the office, thanks to a coworker who is the same size as Susan. It drapes like a dream. God bless the dear, clever people at Jo Sharp, and all their descendants, and all their sheep.

Two nice things about this design:
  1. The fringe is integral. Every row is knitted with a new piece of yarn, with 10-inch ends left hanging at the beginning and end. So I don't have a fringe to attach, but I do have to trim and knot these when the knitting is done. Generally speaking, I'm not a fringe-loving man, but on this piece it both ensures a proper drape and it looks appropriate.

  2. Because every row uses a new piece of yarn, I have almost no ends to weave in.
Some of you suggested that Susan must be a rather special sister deserve 17 acres of unrelieved garter stitch. You are correct.

The funniest thing is that when she asked for this wrap, she wasn't a knitter. And now she is. There's proof (and cute dogs) on her blog.


Unknown said...

The Blessed Virgin is not to be made fun of. Don't you know that she is a symbol of purity throughout the world and that the Lord Everyone's God sent our Jesus Everyone's Shepherd to her through her Immaculate Conception, which is The Greatest Mystery of Them All (besides how many angels dance on the end of a knitting needle)?

I will pray for you and knit you a shawl so that you can cast off your heathen ways and become the upstanding Christian person Jesus expects.

And by the way, Mother Mary would never knit with Koigu. She's an Encore kinda Mom.

Jon said...

I can't tell if Marilyn's comment is serious or tongue-in-cheek. How lame am I?

I simply can't wait for finished piccies of the ruana. I'm so excited for you! And how lucky you are to not have ends to weave in!

Unknown said...

Okay...I admit it...I gave her the Koigu to apologize for knocking her up.

What!?!? name is Joseph afterall.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether I'm laughing harder at your cartoon - or at Marilyn's response. Thanks for the giggles - I really need them and appreciate them.

Sean said...

I cannot wait to see the finished Ruana. And how nice that you're knitting it for someone who will truly appreciate the work that went into it!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm thinking of a Koigu coat of many colors!

Laura said...

Very, very funny "doodle!" Also ditto Sean's comment. There should be a law about only knitting 17 acres of garter stitch for other knitters. No one else could possibly understand how that truly says "I love you."

Anonymous said...

In the spring, when you have lots of time, you might want to work on that doodle. It would be a great addition to your line of knitters' holiday cards. (duck and run)

Unknown said...

You'd never know I was a Lutheran, either. Would you, Jon?

Isn't that speshul?

goblinbox said...

Those little sheep you draw are so adorable.

Unknown said...

I'm with you Jon!! I'm not gullible, I'm trusting.
Deadlines of your own looming and you still take the time to spread hilarity! Thanks.

Norma said...

I love how the North Star looks like a spaceship. Hee!

Netter said...

I don't know about the Virgin Mary, but I'd rank Koigu up there with gold, frankinsense and myrhh! Thanks for a great laugh.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

Great one! Glad you have comments on now, so I can fawn all over you! Oh, and you've got a link at Blue Gal today, too.

Anonymous said...

Franklin, you are hilarious! That cartoon put a smile on my face.

But I personally think Mary is Brown Sheep Cotton/Wool kinda girl.

Peter said...

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