Monday, October 17, 2005

Scenes from Rhinebeck IV: Meeting Joe and Thaddeus

In Which I Get Picked Up By a Hot Gay Couple

Having now reached my thirties, I've made peace with the fact that while God gave me the ability to remember easily (for example) the names of Renaissance artists and Victorian methods of controlling household dust, he neglected to flip the "on" switch in the part of my brain that stores simple facts like travel plans and phone numbers.

Perhaps Joe sensed this, as he thoughtfully planned my trip in such a way that I was transferred from hither to yon with as little room for error as possible. It made the whole process unusually comfortable.

Following my instructions, I left the gate and headed for baggage claim. And sure enough, I heard someone call out, "Franklin!" and there was the remarkably handsome Thaddeus, waiting for me. He spotted me instantly in a room full of suitcases piled higher than my head. The man must have eagle eyes.

Joe was waiting right outside with the car and his camera. I barely had time to say "Hello!" and think "Wow...even cuter than the pictures," when–click!– I was blogged. I think as the flash went off I was saying, "Bitch, don't you dare," or words to that effect.

It's about an hour's drive from Philadelphia to New Hope, so Joe had plenty of time to fill me in on the personal idiosyncracies of the knitters I'd be meeting at Rhinebeck. It was quite a lot to absorb, but thanks to the driver-controlled locks on the car doors I was still in my seat when we arrived at the guest house.

This is where I stayed. It's called the Fox and Hound and I loved it.

Cute, eh? Oh, just wait until you see the inside. When the nice innkeeper showed me to my room (named "Captain Reeder"–on the second floor in that bay window) I almost plotzed.

The lace stole immediately made itself comfortable on the bed, and had a chat with the canopy (which turned out to be some sort of distant cousin, wouldn't you know).

I also had a pretty sitting area right in the bay window. Note the crocheted bureau scarf.

When I was a kid, this is exactly the sort of bedroom I dreamed about. And here I was, finally getting it for two whole nights.

I may have done a little dance. I'm not telling.


Yvonne said...

Franklin...I love reading your blog. I can't wait to read more. And if the planets are in alignment and the gods all say huzzah, perhaps next year I can go to Rhinebeck. :)

Carol said...

Define "the personal idiosyncracies of the knitters I'd be meeting at Rhinebeck," please.

birdfarm said...

Carol, I think the little dance that may or may not have been done in response to the crocheted bureau scarf is a pretty good definition of "the personal idiosyncrasies" of at least one knitter at Rhinebeck... ;-)

Franklin, so glad you had a good time, my dear!

dragon knitter said...

the room is stunning. hard to go back to the old everyday bedroom, isn't it? and "bitch, don't you dare" is about what i saw in your eyes on joe's blog, lol!

Anonymous said...

You *so* did a little dance.

And I am so sad (sniffle sniffle sooooooobbbbb) that I did not get to go to Rhinebeck to meet you. I hear, however, that your recent acquisition of a spindle and roving is my fault.

You're welcome, sugar. ;-)

(and if I could have a Robin like Joe, jesus h., I'd die happy...)

Anonymous said...

Damn! I didn't wanna come on your site cause I knew it would be FIERCE! And your room is FABU!

The museum messed up my schedule and I had to teach. I was sooo upset, cause I was really looking forward to meeting you all. Oh well, next year.

Now I know I'm traveling to "The Big Wind".

Anonymous said...

How wonderful it all is. I love this vicarious travelling I am doing.

Leslie said...

I love the way you're serializing the story, Franklin. You know how to keep us all coming back :)

I won't spoil the story for those who don't know and will wait for you to announce the illustration gig.

Unknown said...

Yeah, like Carol possibly thought that I would let young Franklin into a pack of wolverinas without letting him know what he could expect.

Did he not seem well prepared for the gathering?

My work here is done.

Unknown said...

Idiocyncrasies? You mean like Joe's habit of spitting on the ground and then crossing himself every time he enters a yarn shack?

Anonymous said...

Franklin...loved your article in MenKnit! Also enjoyed meeting you at Rhinebeck, however briefly. I had been wandering around drunk on yarn for about 5 hours and was on my way out, wondering how all this gorgeous yarn ended up in my hands, when I saw you and Joe. Despite my yarn induced haze I had to stop and introduce myself. Hope you had a good time!

Carol said...

My Franklin "New Yoga" tote bag just arrived: Love it. It's just too kewl. Get thee to Cafe!

Anonymous said...

I love being a wolverina. Thank you, Joe, for that. Wolverina. Hah!

Anonymous said...

hi franklin--
i just received my knitting yoga tank top! looooove it!!! you are a wonderful illustrator--congrats on your joint endeavor with marilyn--bess

Cathryn said...

Oh my goodness, I agree about the room. If I had such a one, I could only be lured out by yarn and the needs of nature!