Saturday, October 08, 2005

Just Keep Breathing...

This is my mantra as I work on the underarm weaving.

It also relates to the first cartoon to hit the shop. I've put it on a bag and on shirts, and a mug has also been suggested. Sounds good to me, though I won't be able to make that happen this weekend.

Joy of joys, I get to work at a football tailgate this morning. I get to check IDs at the beer garden. The university refers to this as "other duties as assigned." My four least favorite words in the English language when thus strung together. What they really mean is, "We can make you do anything we want, no matter how humiliating, ridiculous, or inappropriate."

Breathing. Deep breathing. Ommmmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous shirt.
I don't do the yoga,
(as my grandmother would say)
but I do know some who do.
I'm diggin' the toons Franklin. Seriously. I'm gonna have to get me a t-shirt. Even though my partner would kvetch if he knew I was buying yet *another* t-shirt. I need to do a major shirt purge.

Its just lovely being in touch with such lovely creative souls on the net.

Cheryl:) said...

I remember that phrase "other duties as assigned" from being a government's like nails on a chalkboard isn't it??????????

birdfarm said...

You. Have. To. Get. Out. Of. That. JOB!!!!!!!!!

You're brilliantly talented, creative, capable. There is no reason for you to be working for people who give you no respect. NO REASON. There is always a need for designers and web persons.

Maybe you don't want to focus your energy on that right now & I can totally respect that, but my dear, think of how much more energy you'd *have* to focus on...well, on everything you enjoy, if you weren't always working friggin' weekends & enduring things you hate.

And more importantly, think of how often I could come visit! No, just kidding.

Seriously though. I hope you're considering a change. Those people don't deserve you.

(Birdfarm wanders off muttering to herself..."Checking IDs at the beer tent--give me a friggin break!!!!!!!!! Grr.")

Anonymous said...

I love the shirt! I may have to pick up a Franklin Original to wear around the Loop.

I worked in Baltimore at an assisted living facility for AIDS patients for awhile. "Duties as assigned" was in my contract too. One day, we found a dead rat near the garbage cans. One of my superiors looked at me, smiled, and said, "Duties as assigned, Melissa. Duties as assigned." I wore 4 pairs of rubber gloves, grocery bags on my hands, and then scrubbed with clorox right afterwards. Good luck with the fake ID's.

Anonymous said...

I really love the understated style of your cartoons.

I was just thinking that they would make excellent illustrations for a Harlot-style book on knitting, have you considered talking to the right sort of people about it?

I'd even buy a small book of just your cartoons come to think of it...

Samantha said...

Loving the cartoon, and sorry bout the id checking purgatory.

Anonymous said...

I'm seconding birdfarm here. Start making plans. Well, maybe you are what with the website and the galleries and stuff but seriously, you need enough plan (and savings) to be able to say no to the more heinous DAAs like checking IDs.

Great toon. Now if I could only convince myself that CafePress would actually get the stuff to me....

Anonymous said...

I love that cartoon! Must have it when the Visa balance is just a tinge lower. Can't wait till more cartoon stuff comes up in the shop.

This is my first comment, as I've only known about you a short while, but wanted to say Hi, and that I really enjoy reading your stuff. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I will be buying the thong.

Oh, wait, you weren't going to offer a thong?


I worked for Harvard University. I was a scholarly editor who also made tea for idiots and got groped by visitors all in the name of academia. Yay.

I, uh, quit.

Sean said...

LOL...other duties, "as assigned?!" Might that include cleaning toilets? Well, hang in there and try to have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Franklin. Just wanted to says thanks for the great blog. Am a thesis writing student with 3 weeks left til due. Reading your balanced, intelligent and witty blog, and laughing over the cartoons is an extremely pleasant break when I sneak a guilty peek from among the books that tower around my computer. Best of luck with the weaving - being one stitch out really does suck... :o)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where's the thong? I think you need to get those in plus sizes because nothing says "serious knitter" like a thong with "Yarn Crawl in Progress" on it. If that isn't a visual, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

Don't worry about that one stitch. If it doesn't affect the look or fit weave, it together with the next one. I won't say nothin'.

As for the football tailgate, take some short metal or aluminum needles with you, and keep them nearby. That should do the trick for any rowdies.

Anonymous said...

ugh Other duties as assigned.

Don't let the B******S get you down my blog friend.

Love the T-Shirt designs. I'm glad you've opened a 'shop'. (well I don't know what else to call it. *grin*)

Anonymous said...

Other duties as assigned?

Can't the children fill their own beer bongs? Or are beer bongs passe these days?

That kind of phrase just means we own you, so eat shit politely and ... smile ... while you do it.

My sympathies.

Lanea said...

Yayyyyyy! I love the new cartoon, and I agree that it would be great on a coffee mug.

Nik said...

this cartoon is creative as hell !

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