Monday, August 08, 2005

Notes, Assorted Colors and Sizes

Kids, it's going to be a rough week, so don't expect to hear much from me. These are just some quick notes. Half of them are more for me than for you, so I apologize. Daddy will try to be more entertaining after Stitches.

Which bring us to item one: warm thanks to everybody who not only read through my neurotic jeremiad about Stitches Midwest and lace anxiety, but took the time to offer encouragement and advice. It is helping enormously.

Amazing how tenacious early behaviors can be. School is but a faded (or repressed) memory, and still I have a compulsion to be The Best Little Boy in the Whole Class.*

Aren't blogs wonderful? My galloping neuroses on display for your entertainment. Schadenfreude for everyone, bartender, and ask what the boys in the back room will have.

Actually in this neighborhood I already know what the boys in the back room are having, and it ain't Schlitz.

Item two: My portfolio (remember my portfolio? I started this damn blog in order to spur me on to complete my porfolio) jumped this weekend from about 50% completed to about 90% completed. The remaining 10% is mostly window-dressing - captions and such. Technically, I could show what I have now.

Public and heartfelt thanks to C for kicking my ass about getting it done. He understands what motivates me, and happily his Stern Look is close enough to my mother's to get the job done.

I can't believe I'm typing this, but after giving it a look-over in the cold gray light of dawn, I'm happy with it. I feel confident about showing it. And if nobody wants to hang my stuff, fuck 'em. I'll hang it myself.

Item three: New York City trip imminent! C and are heading east later this month to celebrate his birthday with old friends in the city. Our stay is fairly heavily programmed already but I want to hear, pretty please, about yarn shops I ought to see as we move about from pillar to post. KnitNY is mere steps from our gracious hosts' apartment, so it's a given, but I'd like to know about others worth seeing.

(Tricky did mention to me a place where one can by stainless steel yarn. I'm not sure what one would make from stainless steel yarn. Feather-and-fan Brillo pads? Only in New York. Which is why we keep going there.)

*To tall, loud Carrie, who said she'll be in the Estonian lace class: You sound like my cup of tea. Look for the short quiet guy. Aw hell, just look for the guy.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know about the stainless-steel yarn myself. I heard once from a source I consider reputable that they had been experimenting with it in ski and snow-expedition wear. Apparently the idea was that if the wearer was buried in an avalance or snow-slide, rescuers could use metal detectors to find the person.

goblinbox said...

Yeah! Hang it yourself if you have to!

Oh, have so much fun in NYC. I'm going for the first time myself in September. Whee!

Anonymous said...

Now, dearest Franklin, I KNOW y'all are not coming to New York, without giving me a call. I'll come out and help you and C celebrate. That is sooo fierce! I don't know what your schedule is, but YOU GOTTA' GET TO SCHOOL PRODUCTS CO. Whew! There. I went yesterday and almost fell completely off yarn rehab, the sales were so off the hook!

Bring a big mesh bag.

Anonymous said...

I saw someone blog a tank top made of a steel/cotton blend (steel with tiny cotton nups (is nups a word?)) a while ago. It looked good and she claimed it felt ok, the cotton stuck out so the steel didn't touch the skin. It may have been nownormaknits or claudiasblog - I don't remember.

Jasmine said...

Downtown Yarns is a really cozy place in the East village (Ave A btw 3 & 4 st). School Products Co. has a wealth of things (but hours aren't so great for us working people). I love Purl's atmosphere and quality yarn but it's pricy. Point is only a few blocks away from Purl and its a great knitting hang out place.

Anonymous said...

congrats on getting the portfolio done. And on having the sense to know when it is good. That is so hard, judging your own work.

Anonymous said...

I also like Purl on Sullivan St. The Yarn Co. on the Upper West Side is also good. Have fun in the big city!

Anonymous said...

habu has a showroom--don't have the address on the tip of my tongue. School Products has been a favorite of mine for many years. Visit them all--ypu can eat and sleep some other time!

Katy said...

You should look through my blog for pictures and reviews of NYC yarn shops. I did 2 yarn crawls last month and hit about 10 stores in the city.
Enjoy your trip!

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