Thursday, June 09, 2005

Double Your Pleasure

Silly me. I was having a simply brilliant time working on the bunny hat and then I came to...the ears.

Sir Edwin
and Colorado Jon both want to know where the ears are. They're coming, kids, they're coming. You knit them separately and sew them on. It's just that after knitting all those damn double and quadruple parts for the teddy bear, running up against the words "make two" in a pattern has the same effect on my stomach as seeing the words "final notice" on a bill.

I seriously toyed with making this a bunny who's had an unfortunate encounter with a lawn mower or tried to waltz with a vicious dog. But no, mustn't warp the babies' brains just yet. We have plenty of time to do that when they're older.

On the bright side, I admit that I love the way the hat is turning out and the ears aren't really that much to knit. Each has two pieces, and they're so small that I finished a whole ear piece during my morning commute.

Before I go back to doing the work I'm supposed to be doing, I wish to mention that in the wake of yesterday's anti-Victoria controversy, I've felt compelled to rename the Little Pink Bunny Hat. See the list of works in progress in the sidebar.


Cheryl:) said...

is the teddy bear together yet??

goblinbox said...

LOL! Nice name.

(There's some code you can get that lets you have little project progress bars... there's one here, and another here, and also here. You may not care.)

Anonymous said...

Love the new name. I wonder if your commentators refuse to go see the fabulous collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum when they are visiting London? A shame if they do.

Unknown said...

Ah, Franklin, I just knew you were my kind of erudite guy. Didn't realize you had a blog. Now I'll have to visit often. But I want to see the bunny hat on Vicky's head, dontcha know.

One of my favorite books is Middlemarch. Scary, eh?

Anonymous said...

Imperialist bunny hat? Love it. I feel exactly the same way about those words on a pattern. It's actually why I've given up knitting representational works. The one armed bears were freakin' the kids out.

birdfarm said...

You should check out Sir Edwin's cat hat. It's fuzzy gray yarn mixed with metallic pink and metallic black eyelash (sp?) to look like fur. Note the cute pink inner ears.

I think it's the best thing ever. Though of course when your bunny hat is finished it will be a tie.

Oh, and try not to be alarmed by the retouched photo. Emma Goldman isn't really modeling the hat in our bedroom. I just didn't want my face on the blog.

birdfarm said...

P.S. if only I'd been more alert, I could have written something witty about the difference between Emma Goldman and Queen Victoria, and their general un-suitability as hat models. But I wasn't, and I didn't.

Sheesh. No more posting before coffee.

Franklin said...

Birdfarm, honey, I never realized how much you look like Emma Goldman. (Don't be insulted, I think she was a very handsome woman.)

Cheryl, I'm still waiting for the teddy bear joints to cross the border from Canada so I can build him. I do hope there's not some FDA prohibition that will stop them from arriving.

And oh goodness...with this post, every person whose knitting blog made me decide to start blogging has now left me a comment. I must admit, that feels rather nice.

Marilyn...are you just a Middlemarch person, or do you like Eliot in general? I mean, have you tried Romola? I *love* her when she's British, but I couldn't quite deal with her writing Italians...

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