Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Call Me Perle Mesta

Aidan's on a Twelve-City All-Star Passover Tour, so I'll be the host* tonight for Stitches in Britches. Stitches in Britches is Chicago's (so far as we know) only men's knitting group. We have a Yahoo! group which you can join here.

We'll be meeting at:
Argo Tea Café**
16 W. Randolph Street (next to the Oriental Theater)
from roughly 6:30-9:30 p.m.

And you shall know us by the trail of yarn.

Out of the Sketchbook

Found this last night. In case you can't read the scribble, it says "Share and Share Alike."

*Meaning I'll say "Welcome" and shake your hand. Not meaning the drinks are on me. And I can't get you a hooker, either.

**Which had better have chocolate chip cookies this time, or I am gonna be pissed.


Rachel H said...

That's pretty much the way my cat thinks my working yarn ought to be treated. Can't say I've ever smiled at him like that when he's 'sharing' though...

Jon said...

You can't get me a hooker???? Well, what the hell is the point of going????

If you have the appropriate kitchen items, I'll bake you some Choco-Chip cookies when I come out there in a few months.

pacalaga said...

Love that cat. Rachel, maybe it's because the cat never smiled at you.
I once came in the house to find my 2 yr old pit bull rolling around in a big pile of yarn from a freshly eviscerated skein. It was a frenzy like a cat with catnip. I couldn't decide whether to be mad or laugh. Sadly, she disentangled herself before I could snap a picture.

dan said...

More and more reasons to move to Chicago... will have to check about a Mpls/St.Paul britches group for now.

Lisa said...

You really are a bottomless well of talent, aren't you! Have fun tonight!

Heather said...

Franklin, I'm just back from vacation so I'm getting caught up on your posts. Regarding yesterday's post, please, PLEASE go to the fashion show at Stitches Midwest this year and give us another critique. I re-read the one from last year and it had me in - dare I say it? - stitches!

Julie said...

Franklin, that would make a cute mug, and while we're at it... you know the picture of Dolores in her 'uppity chicks rule' tee shirt? With the trophy? Can we get that on a mug? Pleeeeeese? (Mugs are great for holding double point needles.)

Christine said...

Which had better have chocolate chip cookies this time, or I am gonna be pissed.

Lol, you are such a hardass.

Jax said...

Please, please go to the Stitches fashion show. Who else is going to give us the real scoop on the Tiny Diva's coordinated wedding ensemble and bikini set, complete with cell phone pouch?


Anonymous said...

LOVE the new cartoon. meredith, my little girl, supervises my knitting endeavours and always wants a piece of yarn on which to chew/slobber.

julie, I have already asked franklin for an "uppity chicks" mug (with a minor design modification, if he so desires). no decision yet; however, my credit card is at the ready should my wish (and yours) come true.

looks like we are going to have kaffe and brandon at stitches east baltimore this year - wheeeeeee!

anne marie in philly

Marilyn said...

You know, I love all these people begging you to go to the Stitches "Fashun" show again.

PEOPLE. Do you not have any idea of what you ask? Do you not understand that the Fashun show is a 7th Avenue fucking nightmare, is endless and means having to sit through a parade of garbage and probably Mondragon moaning over each knitted schmatteh? You'd ask Franklin to do this? Ingrates.

I for one beg him not to go, for his own sanity.

LornaJay said...

Every so often I trip up over the differences between British English and American English.

"Pissed" on this side of the pond is the state you are in (generally) after a rather-too-convivial night at the pub.

"Pissed off" is the state you are in after some (epithet of your choice) spills his drink down your shirt.

As an aside: Has Dolores met Dame Edna?
If not, why not?

the fiddlin' fool said...

Franklin, I have to say that you make an exquisite host.

Andrew said...

I always knit at a friend's house and his cat is always chasing my yarn...


Monica said...

Ooh, my birds do similar things... they're so helpful, especially in the crucial design stage :)


So cute!

Kate said...

I hope you'll put "Share and SHare Alike" on something in your cafepress shop. Between that drawing and Delores, I could spend my tax return.

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