Monday, February 02, 2015

The Exciting Adventure of the German Lace Manuscript

How long ago was I in Iceland?  Good grief, 2011.

While I was there, exciting things happened–including this. (Go take a look, please. I'll wait.)

On how many trips do you find a manuscript lace chart in a pile of old books? That's a day you never forget, unless you're me. Then you forget about it for three years.

When Kristin Omdahl sent me some of her Bamboo So Fine yarn, I remembered.

Have you had a chance to handle this stuff? It's seriously groovy. All bamboo, spun and dyed in America. Fabulous drape, soft as soft gets, and the sheen is such that people keep asking me if it's silk.

My skein is the turquoise of a shady tropical pool, and arrived gorgeously packaged in a tulle gift bag with a sample of Kristin's "Wrapture" wash for delicates included. (If you like the looks of it, Kristin is offering $2 off this or her Be So Sporty yarns for the rest of the week in her Etsy shop - use coupon code FRANKLIN. I've never been a coupon code before!)


I hadn't been this excited by a lace weight in a long time. It needed to be knit. When I went to the shelf in search of a test pattern, lookee what fell out of one of the books I bought in Reykjavik.


I took it as a sign.

Now, a few things about this chart.

First, it's tiny. The squares on the graph paper are 20 (TWENTY) to the inch. Take a moment and admire how perfectly those symbols have been drawn. Each one's about the size of a midge.

Also, it's written in German. My German is meager, to put it mildly. Most of it comes from time spent working as a drama coach for opera singers, and operatic German has a limited vocabulary. You get oaths of vengeance, declarations of love, and overheated exclamations of rapture in the face of all-consuming beauty. None of this is helpful when deciphering a lace chart.

Happily, I have a knitter friend, Karen, who speaks German and offered to translate for me. There were no big surprises, except that the lengthy chart key includes explanations for about eleven symbols that aren't in the chart.

With the translation in hand and the chart blown up to accommodate my rapidly aging eyes, it was time to try out "Laura Star" and see what I'd get. Would it work?

It worked. Even fresh off the needles and unblocked it was cute. (I know, it looks lettuce-green in this photo. It's not. The lighting conditions were weird.)





If you've never tried one of these little doilies, this is a good starter. The piece is small, the progression is logical, and if you pay a reasonable amount of attention you'll have a dandy time.


There was one more surprise, which sharp-eyed readers will already have spotted; but which I didn't notice until I sat down to write this entry.

"Laura" isn't the chart I found when I first went through the sheaf of books and loose papers from Reykjavik. It's not the one in the picture from 2011. There's another manuscript chart in there waiting to be translated and tested. Um...Karen? May I have a moment of your time?

Meanwhile, have a whack at Laura. Here's the chart, modernized for your knitting pleasure. It's big, yes–so save it to your own computer or tablet or whatever you kids are using these days. It's free for non-commerical purposes.

[EDIT TO ADD: The size of the chart is causing a bit of confusion. It's all there, but you're probably only seeing the left half on your screen right now. If you pull the chart file from the blog to your own device, you'll see the whole thing, including the chart key.]



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Anonymous said...

You're like the Encyclopedia Brown of knitting!

Ken said...

That is seriously gorgeous. I have downloaded the pattern, and think I will dig through my stash till I find that cached Cascade Epiphany I've got stored somewhere. It deserves a beautiful yarn.

Renee Anne said...

So I looked at the chart and I noticed a little something that was missing....row 5. Now, perhaps the rows are just misnumbered because it looks correct but row 5 is missing :(

With that said, I think this may make a good tablecloth for my little side tables (they're octogon-shaped).

Franklin said...

Thanks for catching that, Renee Anne - actually the issue was that round 5 is one of those near the beginning that is uncharted, and knit around. I've corrected the file.

Kitt said...

Wow, fascinating! Love that yarn, too. So very tempting.

Thanks for the pattern!

Alwen said...

If you have Kunst-Stricken edited by Marie Niedner and Gussi von Reden, I think this might be "Decken Laura", no. 109, p. 30, chart 60 (p.67).

I haven't checked it stitch for stitch, but the chart and the swirl look very similar.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous. I feel like at a blown-up gauge this could be the next Hemlock Ring blanket.

gail said...

Is there a legend of the symbols?

immisceo said...

@gail Simply click on the image. This takes you to the full pattern, stitch key included.

Franklin, this is such an amazing tale. I love the notion of defrosting cryogenically frozen knitting patterns. Tapping into such an age-old tradition and craft is one of my favourite parts of this hobby. And the 20/inch symbols are seriously impressive! Thank you (and Karen!) for breathing life into this one again. And congratulations on becoming a discount code! Truly a mark of any modern man of import.

June said...

I love your story and your (and Karen's!) generosity. The description of German opera made me laugh!

roxie said...

This is beautiful! (but I hate to knit lace.) But this is BEAUTIFUL! (But I hate to knit lace) But this is beautiful and there's that red linen and think Christmas. (but it's lace) But red linen for Christmas . . .

Ladona said...

I love this pattern, and love lace, but don't love doilies. I am trying to think how it could be modified. . . . Semi-circle shawl? Pillow? Hmmm. . .

FiberQat said...

This is lovely! Perfect for beginning lace. Now to find something to be able to practice that German exclaiming rapture in the face of all-consuming beauty.

Unknown said...

Franklin, in my screen the chart is cut off at the side. How do I get the whole thing?

Genevieve said...

Oh, this fills me with wonder. I am jealous of your endeavors and wish I could convince myself to make time to do knitting research and discovery like this. I've never wanted a doily... until now. Thank you Franklin!

Patti said...

Just the knitting inspiration I was needing -- my mojo has been in the toilet lately. GREAT story but then all your stories are great!

Heather said...

Actually, the German might be useful for lace. Oaths of vengeance while knitting, and the rest upon seeing the finished object. (Grin)

I always look forward to your blog. A class with you is at the top of my bucket list. Have a lovely day.

Kathy DL said...

This is really gorgeous. Is there a way to make this into a full size shawl? Perhaps keep going on the spirals and do the edging at the end?

Blue said...

I love this little blast from the past. I might be confused, though. Does it block to an octagon or a square?

Franklin said...

Blue, it's an octagon - the first shot up there of the piece blocking shows all of it, edge to edge.

Kathy DL, I can't think why if the orderly progression were kept up this couldn't turn into a very pretty circular shawl or tablecloth....

kingshearte said...

That is really beautiful, and that yarn does sound awfully tempting...

CeltChick said...

It's always a pleasure to see a new post from you. This one is especially nice, for the pattern included. I have some silk-blend lace weight in the stash that's just been waiting for nifty antique pattern. Thanks!

Syd said...

Wheee, Got just the yarn waiting for this! Thank you so much for sharing it! I know what I will be doing today.

Anonymous said...

It's a gorgeous pattern, but I'm not sure it will scale up past the final round in the chart. If you look carefully you'll notice that the two lines drawn by the pattern stitch come together in the last row. We would have to knit on so that they either cross or continue in parallel to see what would happen to the spiral. It is certainly worth the experiment: just place a lifeline after row 41 and then see what happens as you keep knitting on. -- Lulabellebird on Rav.

Kimberly said...

"You get oaths of vengeance, declarations of love, and overheated exclamations of rapture in the face of all-consuming beauty. None of this is helpful when deciphering a lace chart." -- It seems to me that all of that would be very appropriate when deciphering a lace chart! ;)

MMario said...

Easily scaled up. At round 29 continue in pattern, remembering that you will also be extending the points by two rows for each pair you add to the swirl.

Franklin said...

MMario's plan is exactly what I'd try - continue the swirl for the desired distance, when work the points - which will also have grown much larger. That would mean figuring out what, if anything, to put into the enlarged points. The chart as written has one quatrefoil in each, so it could be more of those. However, I'd probably re-design the quatrefoil as the motif as it is gives an oddly ineffective result (IMHO).

Swapna E said...

Someone must have said this already, but the written instructions are available at

That's one of my favourite sources for knit doilies.

Roxanne said...

Franklin said...

Thanks for catching that, Renee Anne - actually the issue was that round 5 is one of those near the beginning that is uncharted, and knit around. I've corrected the file.

Can you tell me where you corrected the file regarding Row 5?



Sigrun said...

Wunderschönes Stück!!

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to download your beautiful chart but flkr won't let me. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm doing something really wrong. How do I go about getting a copy of the chart? I would love to make it. Thank you,

Sarah said...

How big is this piece finished and blocked? Just to be super picky what needle size did you use?

Dhi said...

Dear Franklin's Eyesight and Posture, Thank you for the pains and stresses you went through to assist in the fulfillment of this wonderful, worldly story. You'll get your rest in due time. However, until then, stick with him, mates! He's inspiring us!

Janis said...

"oaths of vengeance, declarations of love, and overheated exclamations of rapture in the face of all-consuming beauty"

This is the exact same cross-section of my Italian, plus a bit more quotidien vocabulary thanks to my knowledge of French and Spanish. And for the same reason. I can't ask directions to someplace in Rome, but I would be able to ask, should I be thunderstruck by the beauty of an Egyptian queen, whether or not in a flood of light, the gods had descended to Earth.

Caroline (UK) said...

Please check all your posts for comments from non-English language! They are adverts for herbal remedies for sexually transmitted diseases (with extremely explicit photos) Not what people wish to see, I'm sure. what of your readers click on these, thinking they might be links to knitting sites?

Caroline (UK) said...

How many stitches did you cast on to get the piece you ended up with? and are we knitting from the inside out?

Becky said...

Speaking of Iceland, whatever happened to that beautiful Iceland Sky Knitted Shawl? In April, 2012, you blogged about it, showed pictures, and said you had sent the pattern to the editor. But I can't find any other mention of it or any place to buy the pattern. Is it available??

Notme said...

Great fun and a good way to spend flights to and from Chicago last week. Took only a bit of grounded delay more than the flight time.

LauraRose said...

Aww, it's named after me!

Unknown said...

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Somerset Wedding Girl said...

That really is the most beautiful colour!

megan banks said...

Organza not tulle.

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Sarah said...

That is gorgeous! I will definitely try my hand at that- I am drawn to vintage and antique patterns and may be a bit of an old soul. I always look forward to your posts here and your article in Knitty (I am actually am 3/4 done with the Victorian Baby Ensemble from Knitty) Thank you for your wonderful patterns!!!

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Andrea said...

Actually "Lauras Stern" is a very popular children story and tv show in Germany. The star always helps her, when she gets in trouble.
And I'm definitivly going to knit this pattern!

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Short-Attention-Span-Knitter said...

Germans are crazy industrious and have fantastic contributions to the world of music, but their language is nuts.

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Anonymous said...

I love Laura! What a beautiful shawl! And bamboo yarn is gorgeous, I have a little of it in my stash but definitely want to get more. Going to check out the shop you mentioned. I found the link to your blog at the end of the very funny article you wrote for Lion Brand and will be looking back through your previous blogs now, I can't get enough of knitting blogs!

And I love your description of operatic German rofl, i imagine not very useful for every day life, not just translating knitting patterns, unless you spend your life in Germany singing oaths of vengence and overheated exclamations of rapture in the face of beauty! I have to admit, that is my life, especially the later, but mainly at the beauty of knitting haha

Beyza yılmaz said...

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jdu said...

Hello - en lieu of some jocular quip as to the extended time between your blog posts, I plead.... Your on-line presence is valuable to your readers who have access to your views and musings here or on Knitty only. And Knitty would appear to be winding down. So, how is the spinning and design work going? Just sign me, "A Fan".

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Anonymous said...

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China Tour said...

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Dragon Lady said...

Dear Franklin,
I couldn't find a place to just message you so I'm going to comment on here on your latest blog post.
My question is this, I recently just got the e-copy of "My Knitting Book" by Francis Lambert and liked the way that the rose-leaf pattern sounded, I haven't tried it yet though because I don't understand what "bring thread forward, knit one; bring thread forward knit two;" translates to the modern knit brain as. If you could please, ever so kindly explain this to me I would be grateful to you. See you at SAFF! I'll have my lace sampler with me for you to fondle. thanks for all your knitting goodness.
Sincerely, M.

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Soxblues said...

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All the best

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