Thursday, February 28, 2013

For the Sheer Hell of It

When I mentioned the ship Lurline after writing about the edging "Lurline" I did not expect to get multiple, thrilling comments from readers who had sailed on the ship; or had seen the ship in its prime, or who had relations who'd sailed on the ship; or who actually knew a Lurline who was directly descended from the Lurline who had given her name to the ship. And, fine, yes, I will be learning to play the goopy sweet song about finding love on the Lurline on my ukulele.  I eat that sort of thing up with a spoon, you know I do.

Here, just for kicks, is another nineteenth century edging from Weldon's Practical Knitter (Fourteenth Series). It's called "Cyprus."


Not so unusual as "Lurline," but handsome and easily memorized. Like "Lurline," this edge is worked in garter stitch so it doesn't curl. It's heading for not one, but two upcoming projects I am otherwise not supposed to talk about right now.

yo2. Double yarn over–yarn wraps twice around right needle.
sl 1. Slip stitch as if to purl, with yarn in front.

CO 12 stitches. K 1 row.

Row 1. Sl 1, k5, k2tog, yo, k1, k2tog, k1.
Row 2. K4, yo, k2tog, k2, yo, k2tog, k1.
Row 3. Sl 1, k3, k2tog, yo, k1, k2tog, k2.
Row 4. K7, yo, k2tog, k1.
Row 5. Sl 1, k4, yo, k2tog, k1, yo2, k2.
Row 6. K3, p1 (2nd wrap of yo2), k2, yo, k3, yo, k2tog, k1.
Row 7. Sl 1, k6, yo, k2tog, k4.
Row 8. BO 2, k2, yo, k5, yo, k2tog, k1.

Repeat from Row 1 as needed.

The yarn, by the way, is Zitron Lifestyle from Skacel. I have fallen deeply in love with it. It's wool, it's superwash, it's lightweight, and it has so much spring that if I'd been in charge of branding at the Zitron mill I would have called it BOING. An absolute joy to handle.

Today is a bit overscheduled, so I must dash, but if you want more of me I just did an interview for the gorgeous people at Squam Art Workshops. Oh my yes, I will teaching at Squam again this year. I guess they took me seriously when I said if they didn't invite me back I was going to sneak in anyway, sleep in a tree, and eat moss.


Kirsten said...

Franklin, would these have been used to edge knitted items, like a fancy cuff for a cardigan or something, or was it more for woven/sewn pieces like pillowcases? I've only been knitting for just over a year and I'm fascinated by the vintage and antique patterns and techniques you've shared.

Franklin said...

Kirsten, they could have been used for anything: handkerchiefs, linens, undergarments, outer garments, collars, counterpanes - any place the edge was desired. They might have been attached to knitted, crocheted, or woven fabrics. I especially love the edgings because there were so many of them - the level of invention is dazzling. So happy you are enjoying the old stuff - I guess my enthusiasm must be catching.

Pam Sykes (aka Pretty Knitty) said...

Perhaps not as unusual as Lurline, but just as lovely! I hope that your day comes out as you expect it to...and that the busy does not drain you too much. :) I love that you are putting these out here...there is nothing quite so dainty and finished as a lace edging.
I wish I was going to Squam, now more than ever...have enough fun for me too, ok?

Seanna Lea said...

This edging looks gorgeous. I am looking forward to Squam. I'm taking the card weaving class, which I'm super thrilled about and no knitting classes this time!

Kirsten said...

It would be fun to try these on a small scale like a calico doll blanket for my daughter. I apologize if this is an obvious question, but would you pick up the stitches into a previously worked mattress stitch or other seam if working on a woven fabric?

Heather l said...

Hehe, my boyfriend is a native of the island of Cyprus....And they love their lace edging on pillows, doilies, you name it!

Franklin said...

Kirsten, that's an excellent question. For attaching to woven fabrics there were (and are) a couple of methods of preparing the edging to be knitted on. Sometimes the woven fabric was edged with a row of single crochet done with fine cotton and a slender hook that could pierce the fabric. Sometimes a sewn edging (like blanket stitch) was used instead. Quite often, the edging was knit separately and then sewn on. It's fun to try different options, which is why we try multiple methods in my Lace Edgings class.

I'm so happy that you all are digging these patterns. There are thousands more...

Val Reaves said...

I can see this edging at the bottom of some translucent curtains! Thanks for sharing!
Val in Kansas

Colleen said...

Another one! I sat right down and charted lurline because I can't stand working from text. Now another one to do!

Liz said...

That's a WOOL yarn? Blimey, I was sure that would be a cotton... Gorgeous lace. I prefer this to Lurline but only because my little librarian's heart craves the symmetrical.

Twisted buttonhole stitch would also be a good choice for a foundation to pick up from; rather like a cable cast-on...

Joy said...

Loving the edging too - thanks! :-)

troy and christina said...

I can't wait to go to Squam in June (for my first time) and was super-excited to see you on the teacher list. But then I decided not to take any knitting classes and I was sad that ruled out your classes. Others assured me that I would have no trouble meeting you even if I wasn't in your class. (But now I also know that I just need to bring cookies!)

Hoping to meet you there,

thenappyewe said...

Beautiful edging. And Franklin, don't sleep in a tree and definitely DON'T eat moss! If it is that serious, we can start a collection so you can go! Hell, I need to start a collection so that I can go!

lemon said...

Thank you for the easy pattern, I am a new-knitter and appreciate the detailed explanations :)
I am lllemon in ravelry.

Sara said...

Franklin, I'm really enjoying your posts about edgings and have been searching my Weldon's and playing myself! Now, if I want to knit a plain garter stitch baby blanket, what would the ratio be for this particular edging? 1-1 because it is garter? And then miter the corners? I'm trying... I hope to see you at camp again...and maybe with lots of lace!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I like this edging. Thanks.

Psylocke said...

Hello, Franklin! I wish I learned about your blog at least 5 years back.

I love your posts!... I'm sure a lot of people said the same. :)

Have a great weekend!

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