Friday, January 13, 2012

This Place Looks Familiar

I'm in New York City again–which is fine by me. This was my last glimpse of the dining room table (where the packing happens) before my suitcases and I rolled out the door.

Left Behind

Yes, I leave notes for myself as I pack. And I make lists. Many lists. Seven, this time. Otherwise I'd arrive at the gig with three kilts, a dozen mismatched knitting needles and one shoe.

This time the gig in question is the second coming of Vogue Knitting Live! at the New York Hilton.

Classes start tomorrow, but the yarn huffers are already here in force. Walking from the front desk to the elevator I must have passed at least two dozen. Guests who aren't here for Vogue Knitting Live! are already looking adorably alarmed. You can hear the internal monologues and whispered conversations as they pass.

"Is that...knitting? But...why are they all knitting? Omigod one of them is a guy! Is this a New York thing? What the hell is going on?"

Well they should worry. We will accept nothing less than world domination.


willowgreen said...

Purple yarn that escaped Amy Detjen's stash? Really????

Liz said...

Have a great weekend. I'm a great believer in lists, too - just not so much in realistic lists. When I got to page 7 of my "stuff to do this weekend" on the train home this evening, the chap in the seat next to me actually sniggered.

RubyC said...

Enjoy the weekend at VK Live. And yes, world domination is in short order for those of us that knit. Tell Harry and Delores to take a seat in the back of the class and stop causing commotion in your classes.

Sandy said...

If I didn't keep lists my life would grind to a halt. I don't know how people can remember everything! Have fun in NY at VK Live. And yes, World Domination is the goal.

(My word verification is gonmerai. Is that a knitting transmitted disease you think?)

Unknown said...

and they haven't seen you in the kilt yet! Kilt and knitting needles. Definitely world domination is next.

Marilyn said...

Have fun! I hope that Dolores and Harry are with you.

Sherilyn said...

I didn't used to make lists to pack. Then I got a husband and a kid and they became necessary. I even had to start packing earlier than the night before the flight or morning of.

Seanna Lea said...

Those purples are so gloriously vibrant, so wonderfully purple. It's like they took themselves to the highest levels of purpleness.

If you still have ball band info, I'd love to know because I have a few friends who are serious fans of that color above all others.

Sean+ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Yes, knitting is everywhere, and we will take over the world. brrruuuuhahahahahahhahahahah!!!

Sitting is the new Smoking I hear. So how are we supposed to knit? Surely this must be a conspiracy!

anne marie in philly said...

"We will accept nothing less than world domination." - damn straight (or gay)!

Judy said...

You have carpeting on your dining room table? Interesting...

Eileen said...

Lists. Ah, the stuff of life. (After knitting. And chocolate.)

I'll be in town late on Sunday evening, but not, sadly, to attend that event.

Sara said...

Have a wonderful time! Maybe someday I'll be able to take a big knitting trip again!

Bonnita said...

Have a a wonderful trip!
Now where the heck is a pic of the little Miss in her twirling hooded pink poncho?

Pam Sykes (aka Pretty Knitty) said...

How is it that the purple and deep blue yarn is not wanted ANYWHERE?!? Those are my fave colors!

FiberQat said...

I am a list maker for vacations because there are too many details to be forgotten, including the list after I had made the list two days ago when I misplaced the list I made a week ago. I end up finding lists later on and think fondly how well I've gotten down to making the complete list for my travel. I hope your list isn't as long as mine.

Anonymous, too said...

Nice to see you're trying to revive the medieval custom of using a rug or carpet to cover your dining table, Oh Purple One!

Will you now start signing your name with an unpronouncable glyph??

And, was it really Dolores you met in a hotel lobby, doing something naughty with a magazine????

Overstap said...

What a Brilliant Idea to make a List from the things you Don't take with you...but Have Fun Darling..kisses for Harry and Dolores...and tell the people from VKLive that they have to cross the Atlantic to give us here in Europe also the pleasure of that Event...and....wear your kilt with Pride XX

frisee said...

I leave notes in the refrigerator that say "Take me to work!" - otherwise, I'd starve that day!

A knitting takeover...yes, indeed. Do carry on.

Michelle...Knittease on Ravelry said...

Love it. World domination. Exactly.

Torhild (in the NL) said...

lists are ok. i think. boyfriend got one for his monthly visits to the uk... and uses it every time. (seriously: how hard is it to pack for a 2 days visit??)
wellwhatever: when will u visit the NL?? will u let us know?? u r welcome to stay if u ever need accomodation. have a good time in NY.

Marcia in Austin said...

At first glance, I thought that was Harry on the right.

Sally M said...

Ah yes, the muggles get very worried, don't they? I try to look partiularly peculiar anytime I knit in public. Then I smile as if I want to do something really really odd with the sharp pointy sticks (this works well for me as I am usually knitting with size 0 or 1 signature dpns!)

=Tamar said...

I think that's a terrycloth towel, not carpeting. It's very pretty yarn.

Gecika said...

Sometimes when I'm knitting in public and I catch someone staring at me, I switch to the Victorian method of knitting. You know, the needles held like you would a pencil?

It's really difficult.. But so worth it. For whatever reason they always look more horrified.

Anonymous said...

Dude, go to ABC Furniture if you get a chance. So much pretty stuff.

Yvonne said...

Do you keep a list of your lists? Yarn huffers! I love it!

Kristine said...

I love the cape you knit your niece. The hat you knit for your friend's wife. I'm sure I'll love the sweater you are working on.

But I'm really hoping you'll post your krampus pattern. Please? Pretty please?

Kristen Rettig said...

It's so weird that people are shocked to see a knitter in public. I am a 60 year old lady and can get away with it, but the looks you must get!

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