Thursday, October 06, 2011

Next Stop Reykjavik

Twice in one day. It's either feast or famine around here, isn't it? Not, come to think of it, that two brief posts constitute a feast.

Not unless you're one of the two French women at the next table, here in the Food Court at the Boston Logan International Terminal. They are having quite a heated conversation about how all the options here are too much, too much! They haven't mentioned liver attacks yet, but they're French, so it should come around any minute.

I happen to agree with them. It's too much, and it's disgusting. What passes for decent food in an Airport–any airport I've been through, even outside the United State–would be considered slop for half the price in the land outside the runways. I settled on Chinese food, like the two French women. They are splitting a single entrée, a bottle of water, and a cup of rice. They might consider these two entries a feast.

Notice how I finally remembered where I was going with that?

Oh, and the hat. I finished the hat, aside from weaving in the ends. I wound up just doing an asymmetrical garter-stitch brim. Here's a picture.

Almost Ready for Iceland

I hope you noticed the cleaning lady in the background, asking herself, "What in the Hell is he doing?" You work at an airport, honey. This cannot possibly be the weirdest thing you've seen today.

Maybe I should leave the needle in, and tell people who ask that it's an antenna. Better yet, leave the needle in and tell that to everyone, even if they don't ask. I bet I could get three seats all to myself.

Fine, it's not going to win any design awards, but it'll keep my flipping ears warm. It's also my first top-down hat, and it's a method I'll be delighted to repeat.

I could fuss with the brim some more, but I have to move on to the next project.

Because I forgot to pack a scarf.

PS They just said it! Crise de foie! I feel like I should yell, "Bingo!"


Anmiryam said...

You're going to Reykjavik? You lucky son-of-a-bitch. Iceland is beyond cool, it's magical. You doubt me now, but soon you will know the truth.

RubyC said...

Twice in one day. Super. The hat looks great.


Terry said...

Ask them, what does a liver attack feel like? I've always wondered.

The Foggy Knitter said...

Next phrase for French phrase bingo: pisseur de copie (with thanks to Muriel Spark)

Enjoy Iceland!

kat said...

Look at you go! I so wanted to join you in Iceland but I just got back from Alaska so it wasn't in the cards. I just have to say I feel lucky for the Minneapolis airport with its wine & cheese bar.

Mel said...

Did I remember to tell you to spend your first day blobbing at the Blue Lagoon? If I did, then you can also just spend it in one of the sundlaugar in town. Sit in a heitur pottur, have a shvitz in the steam room, maybe swim a few laps in the pool. And just relax that time change away.

Mel said...

Or rather, if I did not.

Amy said...

Just finishing a top-down hat myself. My preferred method since it's so easy to design on the fly. Have a fabulous trip! Look forward to seeing the scarf.

Sylvia said...

You ALWAYS make me laugh, thanks. I just may have to succumb to a crise du foie myself sometime - haven't heard that phrase in ages. Enjoy the trip. Great hat.

gerri in St Paul said...

Hope you headed to the Blue Lagoon upon landing. Bliss. Say hello to Reykjavik for me!

Great hat! My favorite pattern was one I could start after Christmas Eve dinner and wrap before breakfast.

Enjoy wonderful Iceland!

Meg said...

love it, very jaunty!

Gamba Girl said...

The crise de foie nugget was not my first chuckle today, but I appreciated it nonetheless. Hope your hat is warm and you get the scarf finished in time! You might consider a neckwarmer if time is running short...

Lester's Mama said...

As to weird things you see in airports...
I'm sure the people in the Premiere Lounge at Heathrow have rarely seen someone knit 2-at-a-time socks. Or stop to try them on to see if they’re long enough to start the toe decreases. The bartender brought me another G&T just to get a closer look.

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

Oh, have fun in Iceland -- I loved our trip there. If you haven't finished the scarf go straight to the blue lagoon and finish knitting it in there. It'll get wet as you knit but that will just make it all the more ready for blocking when you are done. With all the hand knit inspiration I can't wait to see what you'll knit on the trip home!

Anonymous said...

I vote for taking the needle out, and telling everyone that it's an antenna. At least, if you really want that whole row of seats to yourself.

Have fun in Iceland!

Anonymous said...

Next time you come to London, fly British Airways; Heathrow terminal 5 has a Carluccio's. Carluccio's serves entirely decent food. Oh, I've just thought of one other exception: South African airports (both Joburg and Cape Town) have quite a selection of good food these days. Hurrah, go to Cape Town.

I really like the asymmetrical brim. C'est chic!

Anonymous said...

Oh you will ADORE Iceland! There are sheep and small horses everywhere! And people grow grass on their house roof! And the big SUVs that are jacked up really NEED to be able to ford glacial rivers! And the people...oh, the people are all tall, blonde and very nice.

It's legal to eat puffin there, you know.

- RabidMammal

CraftyGryphon said...

At least Terminal B has a Legal Seafood... have a safe trip, blog lots of photos when you get back! (Yep: this year's vacation: vicarious living through the vacations of F. Habit.)

Diane said...

Oh good! More armchair traveling for me. Enjoy your trip and blog often!

Merry Karma said...

Love the hat...can't wait to see the scarf.

Jessim said...

Great look for you :)

I've run around town in a scarf that had needles attached to it. It was ALMOST long enough, and I thought I would have finished it at lunch but didn't. I threw the attached ball of yarn into my coat pocket and ran errands. It was below 0, I wasn't NOT going to wear a scarf...

Molly Bee said...

Love the hat! Have a safe trip Sweet Pea! Kiss an ice man for me, Kay?

Joan said...

"crise de foie", haha-- did they mention the "courants d'air"? That's another "French phrase bingo" standard!

Looking forward to seeing pix of both scarf and Reykjavik...

Jill said...

You always make me laugh. Out LOUD. If I'm at the computer and laughing, they know you've posted. Swearing, it could be anybody. Thanks, and enjoy Reykjavik.

Nancy E. Banks said...

When I lived in France, this is what my doctor said to me at my annual physical after the whole stethoscope/breathe in-out/check reflexes routine: "And how is your liver?"

As half the known world has already noted, Icleand is the best. Enjoy yourself.

By the way, my liver is fine, thank you.

Carol said...

If I had known you were going to Iceland I would have sent this sooner: try to find and read Lord Dufferin's Letters from High Latitudes. It's quite fun and was spoofed by his mother who wrote Lispings from Low Latitudes.
Have fun!

=Tamar said...

Bulky yarn makes great hats. Lopi in particular does, and it can still be knitted into simple stranded designs.
I really like that shade of blue.

Anonymous said...

Crise de fois? Quelle fromage! (or maybe I mean dommage...)

Susan said...

+1 on the dearth of edible food in US airports. I'll never understand that.

Also, great hat!

Pam Sykes (aka Pretty Knitty) said...

Love the hat. And the cleaning lady. Notsomuch chinese food in an airport...knit on, and bring the pepto.

Bonnita said...

I don't know about leaving the needle in, Nina might think it a "big hot mess".
Enjoy Iceland!

Seanna Lea said...

You could definitely make an International Airport bingo game and listen for all the most typical idiomatic utterances from each nation.

WhitMc said...

This post was so funny I nearly peed myself.

B McMullan said...

NOW that's the Franklin we have been missing!!!! Love your humor.
I almost got fired laughing out loud at work

Emily and Laura said...

The New Orleans airport, pre-Katrina, used to have the best food in the country, at least according to assorted pilots we stood in line with for fresh-made muffalettas and other assorted yummies. Alas, it's now the same nasty stuff as anywhere else; all the best cooks fled and never returned. Have a wonderful time in Iceland -- it must be heaven for a knitter!

BetsyM said...

Kansas City airport is so expensive I don't really know how good it is. In the past I've packed trail food. There's probably a rule against it now.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm.... how do you do an assymetric garter band like that? I'm trying to figure it out, and have decided there must be shortrows involved. Maybe there's a different way? :) samm@ravelry

brandilion said...

"just doing an asymmetrical garter-stitch brim"

Like that is something anyone "just" does? It's brilliant! I can't wait to try my own asymmetrical brim!

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