Friday, September 16, 2005

Where Did the Last Post Go?

I deleted it, for two reasons.

The first: career rants bore everyone, including me.

The second: discretion is the better part of valor.

Not to mention that it's far more effective to actually post a résumé than merely to announce one is going to do so.

I am reminded of the reason I don't post on the fly from the office. Much better to write the night before and consider, consider.

And now for some nuns.

Passau Cathedral, 2004


Susan said...

I feel a bit privilged, you know, having seen lots of your trip photos before they show up on your blog. Then I find myself thinking things like, "Oh! I remember that one! I always liked it!" and it's like when dad would set up the slide projector to shine on the fridge and we'd get to look back at old memories. Very happy!

birdfarm said...

On the fridge--that's creative.

I feel privileged for having the chance to read the post you deleted.

And, check this out (tho you've probably already seen it):

Not nuns. But similar at first glance.

Jon said...

Does that mean you deleted my words of wisom? Harumph! LOL

Anonymous said...

I, too, feel privileged to have caught your last post. Guess I can see why you deleted it, but I'm glad you were able to "vent" a bit.

dragon knitter said...

for a second i thought you were going to delete your memo. i liked that, actually, if only because i'm not ANY of those parents, and i bloody well KNOW my daughter's gonna party like it's 1999 (god i'm old). i just ask that she not drive, and that if she's going to participate in an orgy, to use some protection, i don't need grandbabies yet, or a very ill girl

Leslie said...

Yep - better to delete than have someone find it. But I'm glad to have read it and to know you are capable of acknowledging your professional as well as (recently) your artisic worth. Feels good to feel good about yourself, doesn't it? And to know that you can move on to something else with all those accomplishments in your cv.

Anonymous said...

Didn't read the vent but love the nuns. While waited for the picture to load, I was secretly hoping they would be playing dodgeball or something..........

I cannot believe I owned up to that in writing!

Carol said...

Um, forgive me for being alarmist, but you weren't involved in that train derailment, were you? Just assure me that I'm buying into the sensationalist media and you're fine.

Anonymous said...

Franklin, are you going to see Yarn Harlot when she's in Chicago? I'm thinking about driving up if I don't have any teen drama that weekend.

goblinbox said...

I am amazed at the consideration and time people put into their blog posts. I never, ever write mine in advance, and once they're up I never delete them. (Well, I deleted one, but that was because the hospital I was pissed at threatened to sue me for slander if I didn't. But that's a different story.) This is not because I think I'm interesting, but because I'm lazy.

I wish I'd been online yesterday to read the deleted post!

Unknown said...

An interesting fact that I learned about nuns when I was in Italy.

You know how it's bad luck when a black cat crosses your path? Well, supposedly, whenever a nun crosses your path, you're supposed to touch metal.

I'm not sure what the consequences of not doing it are, but I don't take any chances. said...


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