Monday, May 02, 2005

Today I Feel Like This Guy

Tourist in the Maze, Keukenhof Gardens, Holland
Originally uploaded by panopticon.

The fellow in the photo is a French tourist who got lost in the hedge maze at the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland.

I took this from the center, inside the elevated gazebo that overlooks the whole maze. From that vantage point you can, if you like, shout helpful suggestions to somebody who looks lost. ("À droit, dammit! À droit!")

Or you can just stand there and listen as he gets incrementally more pissed off and finally begins swearing loudly at his mother. (She's next to him, too short to be seen over the hedge).

I should have helped them out. Karmic payback is hell.


birdfarm said...

Oh Franklin, you are too perfect. For enjoying this just a little too much, for realizing you were enjoying it a little too much & feeling a bit guilty, but not too guilty to post entertainingly about it.

Not that I don't think we should all help our suffering neighbor. But it's not like he was really suffering in any serious way, and besides, who wants to shout in French?

Franklin said...

My dear, I take some comfort in knowing that even if I'd tried to help, he probably would have just taken issue with my pronunciation.

birdfarm said...

Exactly my point. Although it might have been fun if you had shouted in English, but not quite loudly enough, forcing him to request clarification in that barbarian tongue. Hee hee.

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