Monday, April 18, 2005


Vanity, Rijksmuseum Garden, Amsterdam
Originally uploaded by panopticon.

1. Most obnoxious tourists (in a large group): Americans. (But the Japanese are gaining.)

2. Most obnoxious tourists (in a small group): Japanese. (But the British are gaining.)

3. Best food I'd never tried before: Croquets at Van Dobbe in Amsterdam.

4. Biggest disappointment: Bruges. (Crowded, commercial, largely fake.)

5. Biggest pleasant surprise: Dutch windmills. (Really quite startlingly pretty.)

6. Biggest unpleasant surprise: Dutch wind. (Now understand popularity of windmills.)

7. Worst-behaved tourist children: French.

8. Worst-behaved tourist teenagers: German.

9. Hottest cops: Belgian. (Yowza.)

10. Favorite city: Amsterdam. (Would like to live there. Seriously.)

11. Least favorite city: Rotterdam.

12. Sublime moment: In the Mauritshuis in The Hague, face-to-face with Vermeer's "View of Delft" at last.

13. Scary moment: Our ship hitting a bridge on the way to Kampen.

14. Miracle moment: Arriving at entrance to Anne Frank House, notorious for long lines, at noon, and finding no line at all - then looking back over shoulder to see a line of 100 people had materialized behind me.

15. Weepy moment: First time a Dutch guy introduced me to his 'husband' and I realized it was true in every sense - including the legal one.

16. The Dutch and Belgians do it so much better than we do: fried potatoes. (And they don't talk about fat grams or carbs or any nonsense like that.)

17. Didn't buy any: Belgian lace.

18. Bought in quantity: Belgian chocolate.

19. Salivated over but did not buy: Delft porcelain flower holder.

20. Yarn shops visited: one (review forthcoming).


Anonymous said...

You're back! Yay!!!!! Welcome back, Franklin. I can't wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! So good to have you back. And I promise to not start clamoring for more photos until you've had a chance to unpack your bags and get settled ;)

Anonymous said...

hehe, Welcome Back!!!

Anonymous said...

My heart fluttered at the mention of chocolate...

Loved the post cards. Merci!

And welcome home!

Sorka said...

I soo am with you about your comments.. especially the rude german teenage tourists!
Oh well. And you can't do a boat tour in Holland without running into something! Fortuanatly our boat had it's crash after we got off of it!
Do get more into your impressions of the Anne Frank house! I too faced no line while there! And it was just humbling! (though that delft toilet was amazing!)
and from your advernturous return I see we never never learn! I guess mabye we should stop expecting it.

Anonymous said...

i so agree with you about rotterdam. i hate it.the ugliest thing ever. i spent there nineteen days in time of their film festival (IFFR) and everyday i asked myself what did peope, who put it together, think, and just what are they thinking now, continuing to make it even uglier.even their women are ugly. well, i could ramble on an on about might be just love my hatred towards rotterdam..aaaaaaaaargh i can't stop

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