Saturday, February 19, 2005

Photographic Evidence

The front of my first sweater, completed.
Originally uploaded by panopticon.

Here's a beauty shot of the front of the sweater.

I'm pumped to start the back, but it's too nice outside right now to be indoors. So the camera and I are going for a Walk to Nowhere.

Chris is in Indiana visiting his Mom for her birthday (he's a good boy) so I'm in charge of amusing myself.

Tonight may be a photography night. My buddy Buzz suggested I tag along to the Mr. Cell Block Leather competition tonight. I think I might do it, since there's the potential for some good shots. I'd like to get back in shooting mode before heading to Texas.

And if it's boring, it's only a five-minute walk home.

So what the heck.

Results, if any, tomorrow.


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