Sunday, December 26, 2010

Making Things

We have been making things.

Abigail and her mother have been making cookies. Those cookies.


I have already had it up to my proto-Gandalfian eyebrows with holiday baking so I kept out of the kitchen. Instead, I sat down with Abigail on Christmas Eve and (courtesy of a sweet little notion from Girl on the Rocks) did my best to further instill the home truth that Making Things with Yarn = Fun.

Sheep Ornament

(You get to choose your own yarn. We chose Cascade 220 Sport.)

On Christmas morning, I presented Abigail with another yarn-based thing I had just finished making.

Floradora Purse (beta)

Floradora Purse (beta)

I've named the purse* Floradora. This is the beta, child-sized version. A grown-up version, larger and considerably refined, will hit the shops in January to herald the launch of a new class, "Cavalcade of Colorwork," d├ębuting at the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat in February.

Now that I have made this blog post, I am going to make a trip to the cookie jar. (I said I was fed up with holiday baking, not holiday eating.)

*I forgot to mention it's in Cascade 220. I guess we're having a Cascade Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Totally adorable Abigail!!! And I'm totally smitten with that beautiful bag!

Enjoy this between-the-holidays, Franklin.

Tressa in NC

Yvonne said...

Floradora is gorgeous! And it goes to a lovely little girl! I can't believe how quickly she is growing. Merry Christmas, Unka Frank.

KnitNana said...

Oh my she's growing up so fast! And is completely adorable. I love Floradora, but I'm off to find that sheepie ornament! (if it can be found?)
Enjoy the rest of the holidays, Franklin!

Sara in WI said...

What a great time to share with your little niece...and to share your time and talents and love of fiber early in her life will all be fondly remember, I'm sure. Enjoy your vacation!

nicole said...

Yes, like everyone else I went "WHAT?! She was just a baby 5 posts ago!"
The bag is very nice, but where is the modelled picture of that princess poncho?! Did I already miss that?

Rox said...

It's all very nice, your niece is completely adorable and charming, but I want to see the pink and purple poncho.

Laura47 said...

Abigail is a total cutie. And you're a wonderful uncle. I don't blame you for swathing her in lovely things made from yarn, with tons and tons of love! Floradora is just darling; you know she's going to be the cutest girl in town carrying that lovely purse!

But yes, I'd love to see her in the pink and purple poncho, too. If it's finished, of course.

Judi said...

It's hard to believe that she's the baby you made that beautiful shawl for - wasn't that last week?

I would like Abigail to do a fashion show for us - the poncho, the purse, everything.

fiberlicious said...

Those are completely adorable!

Anna said...

Beautiful -- niece and knitting! But where are the pictures of the poncho?

anne marie in philly said...

such a pretty girl! glad you made it to the east coast! happy holidays! smooches!

Anonymous said...

wow! Wasn't Abigail just a baby last week!? I must be missing some years somewhere. :) The little bag is beautiful too. samm@rav

Rooie said...

Like everyone else, I am amazed at how big Abigail is getting...and also disappointed that the poncho hasn't yet made its appearance.

Hope your Christmas was lovely and here's to a terrific New Year.

(By the way, we met at the Loop in November (you signed my sweat-shirt) and I told you I commented on your blog as Sarah...obviously I'm an idiot and this is me. It was so delightful to meet you!)

Anonymous said...

I will sound like an auntie when I say "My, how she's grown!"

What happened to the pink think with flowers and etc.?

kaykatrn said...

Oh, I'll bet she loved that purse!!

Emily said...

Merry Christmas & Delirious Holidays to you & yours! I'm waiting for the pink poncho thingie, too.

FiberQat said...

Very cute purse! A great place for stashing stuff.

So if you give me the recipe for those cookies, I'll make sure that Dolores is well taken care of the next time you visit the City of roses. And I have cashmere.

Bonnita said...

Where's the poncho?!

Jan said...

I think you are a GREAT Uncle !!!

Rach said...

The purse is very cute. Not to harp on the subject...Where's the poncho???

dale-harriet said...

I'm with Judi - weren't we just looking at that beautiful lace shawl and teetiny little girlie? I imagine if you're still visiting there you're STILL visiting there (what with snow and airlines and all) -- travel home safe! (Did I hear something about Dolores being snowed in with a TSA guy whose pat-down she particularly enjoyed?)

Rona said...

I agree with the rest, she is adorable, but Where is the PONCHO? I check every single day, sometimes twice a day to make sure I don't miss it. I may have to drive the 100 miles to Chicago to see if there really is a poncho.

Seanna Lea said...

Hopefully she loved the purse despite it not being in pink and purple with sparkles!

Suzanne said...

Miss Abigail is stunning and the bag is perfect. I raised to great daughters and at Miss A's age, that bag would have been a giant winner! Now, for the poncho...apparently I'm not the only one waiting for the grand showing. Smooches to you and your family.

Gail H. said...

That bag is terrific and Abigail's a cutie. Glad you're not stuck in an airport or worse!

Marji said...

I love Abigail's total concentration on the task at hand.

Alwen said...

Okay, the kid is cute, but did someone say cookies?!

(You'd think I had enough to eat after Christmas Eve + Christmas.)

ccarter756 said...

That is absolutely the perfect little girl bag. I bet I know who Abigail's favorite uncle is.

HipDroppedStitches said...

Sweet photo of Abigail! And I love Floradora...

dora said...

I know exactly what kind of cookies those are because we make the same ones here at home. And I always twist, but sometimes pretzel shapes show up too. Happy new year and Epiphany!

Panhandle Jane said...

I love that bag! I've been wanting something to knit for granddaughters--3 of them. Is there any chance of your publishing the child-size version of this pattern as well?

Caroline said...

Holy cow she's gotten so grown up! Last I knew she was still a baby!

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