Thursday, October 14, 2010

Experience The Magic of Photo Retouching

TO: Franklin
FR: Tom
SUBJ: Photoshop help?

Hey, is there any way you can fix this pic of Augie with Photoshop?


Augie, Before


FR: Franklin
TO: Tom
SUBJ: Re: Photoshop help?

Done. Fifty bucks, please.


Augie, After


MIB said...

If my boxer Otto could talk, this is totally what he would say. (BTW, my verification word is "oventint." Strangely almost appropriate?)

Laura said...

Wonderful! :o)

Jenifer said...


Jaclyn Bailey said...

That is just perfect! I would pay $50 for that if I were Tom!

Jason said...

Hey, I have one of those too!

Patricia said...

I love you and Tom both so much!

We all know this is exactly what Tom expected when he gave the photo to 'fix'


DutchJan said...

Would love to have those eyes too.. so practical with knitting in the dark....

Ann said...

Oh teh wunders of Si..Ci..piktur fixin! LaserDog engaged, target acquisition in progress. Watch out for the sharp pointy places.

Harmonise said...

you crack me up time and time again!

Elizabeth said...


Seanna Lea said...

That is exactly what I would have done, though probably without the $ charge. Undervalue my service I do!

StarSpry said...

Ha! That's great :)

Eileen said...

"...and he's a canine mind reader!"

Riin said...

I wouldn't even try to resist a dog with eyes that did that.

Heddy said...

obidantyou should be required to post warnings ... chocolate milk all over the keyboard and monitor! (I am a "dog-person" and it resonated with me ... hmmm)

Also - word verificantion word is "obidat" ... be obidat and get that dog his cookies .... now!

lorrwill said...

You are a hilariously evil man.

Well played, sir.

la takahashi said...


Dragons Knitting Lace said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!!

Alwen said...

I see nothing wrong with a photo of a dog with Lazer Eyez.

Ariane said...

What did Tom say? ;)

Pretentious Wombat said...

That was so good, I had to link it on my Facebook account to share it with everyone. :-D

blopeep said...

Next time, please warn me to not have a slug of coffee before reading dangerously funny posts! Just the pick-me-up I needed today.

FiberQat said...

Only cookies? I'd give him steak and hawt dawgs and anything just to make him turn them off.

The cats try to use theirs but they have no effect on me anymore.

Camille said...

Check with Augie. I think he has your money.

Well played.

springonmars said...

Nice work sir. I assume you've seen the Missing Missy exchange?

KarenJ said...

Best smile of the day. Thanks

Anonymous said...

"Fix"? I sure didn't see anything that needed fixing. My dogs would KILL for that supah starey eye power!

bettlejuice said...

that is so cool . my boxer is barking in my ear to take him for a walk. um clothes on first then we walk.

Yvonne said...

(taco chips spewing out my nose) My boxer, Shaela (past tense of "Sheila") prefers omelettes & sausage. . .

Anonymous, too said...

Augie is one very handsome. . .

. . .alien.

Ripley and Jonesy would have had nothing to fear if Augie had been on the Nostromo -- except a shortage of cookies.

Jen said...

My evening has NOT gone well. Thank you for the laugh!

Mindy said...

Is there a second dog somewhere about named Doggie Daddy? (Augue Doggie and Doggie Daddy, popular cartoon back in the day.....waaaaayyyy back in the day)

Sally said...

Thank you for this - I am still laughing!

SusieQ100 said...

Ask a silly question.......!!!

Norm Deplume said...

Love it! It's not every day that you can see laser dogs. Laser Cats are a dime a dozen these days, wee need the balance.

Although I fear for the world cookie population.

Donna Lee said...

Well, how else were you supposed to fix it?

kshotz said...

must. get. cookies.

WonderMike said...

I've suspected Auggie is a wampeer for some time now. Here's the proof!!

thestashattacked said...

Hahahahaha! This gets tweeted...

Carrie #K said...

Excellent retouching!

Tiny Tyrant said...

SNORT! OMG Put that up on Loldogs. Though I think you need to change cookies to hot dogs.

Krystal said...


Laura said...

Cookies? My dogs would have asked for chicken! :D

Romi said...

OMG, Franklin. I am dying here. Tears are streaming down my face. Thank you for the fabulous laugh!!!

Anonymous said...

You may find this link interesting.

Laurie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who has "devildog" pictures. LOL!

Shari said...

God, I love your blog

Sara in WI said...

Thanks for the giggle!

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