Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fiber Binge

I don't know if the various parties responsible were in cahoots or what, but this is going to be one helluva fibery weekend in Chicago. Check this out.

On Friday night, from 5 pm to 9 pm, Loopy Yarns is celebrating a grand re-opening in splendid new Romanesque Revival digs at 47 West Polk Street, cuddled up next to Bar Louie in Dearborn Station. I'll be there in a civilian capacity, hoping to say hello to Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne (aka Mason-Dixon Knitting) who will be signing their new book.

SheepOn Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm, we fibery types are absolutely taking over the beautiful field house at Pulaski Park (1419 W. Blackhawk) for the second edition of YarnCon. Last year's inaugural event was such a hoot that Natalia and Sara have brought it back and it's going to be even bigger. The vendor line-up is too utterly drool-making, and so is the list of workshops.

I'll be there with a display of original illustrations from the little book, and some lovely free goodies courtesy of the folks at Interweave Press.*

I'll also have some prints for sale, and some new gift enclosure cards I've just added to the offerings in The Panopticon on Paper.


If they arrive on time, and they just might, I'll also be selling the first copies of the Guys with Yarn calendar. If not, I'll have some sample print-outs for your perusal. (Maybe I should laminate them?)

On Sunday, the celebrated Cookie A is going to be in town teaching a sock design workshop at Arcadia Knitting for a mere $45, which includes a 20% off multi-day pass from the shop–see the Web site for details.

And on Monday, there will be a lot of knitters, spinners and crocheters lying in gutters and on park benches around Chicago, looking dazed and slightly bloated, but happy.

*I have word that the binding has just been finished and the army of little books is moving south from Canada to Interweave's warehouses. I'm glad there's so much going on this weekend, or I'd probably just sit around freaking out. Because it still doesn't seem possible that all the drawing and writing and whatnot can have resulted in an actual book.


LittleWit said...

Sounds like a splendid weekend. Have fun!

Kristen said...

Yay little book!!!

Karen said...

Heya, tell them to leave some in Canada so it doesn't have to go back again when it's finally available. :)

Shauna said...

Have you heard of the book Classic Elite? They have a lot of beautiful simple patterns for the family too. I think you could do it! I found it at

Sarah said...

This is so exciting! I pre-ordered, and now am nervous about it arriving in time for next Saturday.

Yvonne said...

Have a lovely weekend! I'm jealous, you get to spend time with Cookie A.!

Corbie said...

Yay, little book, indeed!! And yay, Franklin!!! All will be well. Just remember--deep, slow breaths and if you feel faint, put your head down between your knees (although a fainting couch and a cut crystal vial of smelling salts is a lot more romantic).

And definitely laminate any sample calendars--makes it easier to wipe off all the drool people will leave on 'em.

Greydog said...

Oooh, I pre-ordered and cannot wait!

mwknitter said...

I am sick at missing Yarn Con & the reopening of Loopy Yarns but we haven't found 3 carseats that will all fit in the back seat of a Camry & I promised my daughter we'd watch the younguns so she can go to SF to look for a house to rent in the Palo Alto area (unfortunately her husband has received a promotion which requires that they move there - a great area but so far from family).

claudette-malta said...

lucky you! Have a lovely weekend and again well-done with the book. I can't wait to get my copy.

Samoofish said...

Hopefully I'll see you at YarnCon. It's a long way from the far-north suburbs and I might get lost (since I've only lived in the Chicago area a little while).

Congrats on the little book. Can't wait to see it.

Liz G. said...

Well, Darn! Now I almost wish that I had gone ahead and dropped my Hwy 80 Garage Sale Weekend, Kid N Ewe Weekend and possibly the week with the hubby in Austin just to come to Chicago for THIS weekend. Sounds like so much fun!!

Enjoy it for us!!

Lisa said...

Ummm...looking forward to the arrival of "the little book"! I pre-ordered THREE copies (Xmas gifts, dontcha know?!) and hope they make it to Canada SOON!!!

So, I'm thinking "YES, you should laminate those sample pages of your new don't want the REAL one DROOL!"

Laura said...

Uh, yeah. Laminate them and then attach a little ball chain like the pens at the bank.

mad angel said...

I have pre-ordered the little book and am looking forward to it!

Now, where will you be selling the Guys With Yarn calendar? I want one. If hubby can have a Snap-On Tools calendar, I can have a Guys With Yarn calendar. The expression for this is, I believe, tit for tat?

Me wants some of that tat. Tee-hee...

Elysbeth said...

Go little book, go!

Have a great weekend.

Vicki said...

What a weekend! I wish I lived in Chicago. The whole plan sounds great, especially taking a class with Cookie A. I'm working on two of her sock patterns now, and it would be great to learn from her in person!

Have fun, and tell us all about it. Sounds like a few of us are living vicariously through you!

Ann (yet another) said...

GOOD! Because Amazon sent me a nasty message this morning saying "hey, we haven't got this book yet - answer now or we'll drop it from you preorder list." AGGGHHH!

So now I know I can clickie on their link and tell them to suck it up and wait for the books to come in.

Have fun at YarnCon. Don't do anything we wouldn't do. Hmmm..

bbaraka said...

Yes. Laminate, use retrievable leashes for each page - how else to keep fibery fingerprints and knitter drool from those hunky hanks?

And take next week off - after this weekend you will need to crawl into a corner for a while and recuperate.

anne marie in philly said...

w00t w00t w00t for little book!


Steph said...

This is going to be the month of Panopticon goodies for me! I'm waiting for your book and your cards to come in my mailbox. :)

Laura Sue said...

Oh please do a drawing of the army of little books marching down from Canada. I can seem confused looks on faces of passersby and little books with a strange resemblance to Harry.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

...and for those of us who might want to buy an original drawing from the book but can't attend... what about us? (you should list them online and sell them that way) - perhaps offering a percentage of proceeds to benefit a cause... :)

if you decide to do this, let me know :)

btw I LOVE the calendar! - such an awesome idea!

Tomme said...

Happy for the update on the "little book." It IS October, after all. I'm hoping my pre-orders show up while my sister is in town next week!

Susan Lea Howley said...

I really love these gift enclosure cards. I don't see them in your paper store yet but if you're willing to ship some to the UK I want a bunch!

Fe said...

Franklin, I love reading about Dolores and the Fibertarian party, thank you SO much for keeping us all in the loop regarding that. And I am so pleased for your publication! The book is out!*yahoo* That is so awesome! Congratulations and mahy sales! Fiona

joan said...

I just NEED to buy this calendar of men knitting how about a like to purchase this?


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