Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Get Down Tonight

You'll never guess what. Go ahead, guess.


Tonight I am going to a rock concert. I've never been to one before, unless you count Donna Summer and Cher, and I'm told neither of those count.

The band is called "New Order" and they're playing this funky old venue not far from my neighborhood called the Aragon Ballroom. C has played a bunch of their music for me, and I actually do remember hearing one of their songs on the radio. The title escapes me. Quite bouncy, good stuff, though their diction isn't what it might be.

I have no idea what to expect, really, so I did some research by watching three solid hours of MTV. I also painted a big poster that said "I Heart Bono" but I've since learned he's with some other band, so that was time wasted.

I had no idea what to wear, but C says a black t-shirt will suffice. Heaven knows I have plenty of those.

C also gave me a brief but informative orientation session which went something like this:

F: Should I bring a lighter? To wave back and forth in the air?
C: No.

F: When they finish a song, do I scream "Bravi"?
C: No.

F: Can I try stage diving?
C: No.

F: Will there be one of those "moosh pits"?
C: If you don't knock it off, there will be.

What's even better is that in July, he's taking me to something called "Lollapalooza," which I gather is sort of like Tanglewood. I can be "down with that."

Word to your mothers, everybody!


Jon said...

New Order as in the new wavy type group from the late 80s to early 90s?

I loved them when I was a spry young mite.

Sister Sue said...

If someone gets too forward at the concert, and you don't appreciate his or her advances, you can say, "Get off my grill. You ain't the ill notes," and you will be perfectly hip. I learned this from my students who are certainly trustworthy in these maters.

TrickyTricot said...

You are too funny Franklin... Um, Cher totally counts as a rock concert. When attending a Cher concert, you can also check the "fashion show" and "circus" boxes.

I believe it's a mosh pit, my dear. My best advice to prepare for this is to get on a crowded subway car or bus and push people around - preferrably when it's moving.

markknitz said...

i wouldn't go to MTV in search of music, if i were you? crappy cable tv, yes. music, no. i don't know where you'd go to find new order stuff. but i like them. are you really going to lollapalooza? i'm skerrd a yu (and am trying to visualize that)

obscure said...

The last concert I attended was Bonnie Rait in '98 when I discovered that, 'tho I love her music, I want to live to LISTEN to music again. Take earplugs!

goblinbox said...

You should practice yelling "Freebird!" Then, at the concert, you may scream it soulfully between the songs. THE BAND, if they can hear you, WILL LOVE IT. I promise.

Tres said...

O.K., Franklin, we're all on the edge of our collective, metaphorical seat awaiting an update. How was the show? Was it fabulous? I want details!