Thursday, March 24, 2005


London Beanie, completed.

Here it is, kids. The London beanie. And I'll be damned if it doesn't fit me just right.

That's not me in the picture, of course, it's Charlie Brown. But as our heads are strikingly similar, you get the basic idea.

I originally tried photographing it on my bust of Queen Victoria (this being, after all, a London beanie) but she didn't look amused.

On iTunes right this minute: Dixie Chicks, "Truth No. 2"


markknitz said...

Hey, that looks really great!!! Congratulations!!! I think I may go really really short or no hair this summer so a beanie may be in my future as well. Speaking of Charlie Brown I wonder how a beanie w/ that Charlie Brown zig zag would look. Hmmmm....

Buzz said...

ok love the beanie...but when i look at your page why is google advertising "Overcome Body Image Issue
Get the help you need. Nationwide Treatment with Rader Programs.?" Thats just creepy.

Franklin said...

Buzz, flickr puts Google ads on the pages in order to generate revenue. That's how they make money on a free service. Sorry it creeped you out. I could do all this myself and have no ads, but see entry #1 of the blog.

I like the Charlie Brown stripe idea, Mark...Hmm...

Jax said...

Oh, oh...check out the original version of Truth #2 by Patty Griffin, the wonderful woman who wrote it.

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